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Traditional design companies focus on purely getting a site put together with web designers relevant information, that functionally works. Enter Web 2.0 and more traditional marketing avenues venturing into the marketplace, and creative web design companies have come into the game. By ‘creative web design’, I refer to websites which still have the functionality and relevant information consumers have come to expect, but have a huge focus on the aesthetic aspect, and use traditional marketing ‘wow factor’ to capture the users attention, and last longer in their mind than those of the competitor. Picture a billboard with great graphic design and immaculate choice of imagery, compared with an ad on the side of the road simply with a name and number. While you may have chosen to look at both, the creative approach will prompt you, the audience, to remember the creative billboard.

Now picture two websites, side by side. One with a flash intro page, immediately showing a montage of images and grabbing y our attention; which leads into a visually beautiful website where every pixel is perfectly crafted into alignment. Next, a bland website showing you purely text and a basic navigation. The difference is so enormous it’s like comparing Black and White TV with a 3d Movie Theatre. Through the use of the latest and greatest technology, a creative web design company will use Flash, jQuery, and HTML5 to visually engage the user; however this is where the pitfalls of a creative web design can come into play. Many years ago, around the year 2000, many graphic design companies started to see an emergence in the marketplace for web services. Many of these companies had employees with a little web experience, enough to get by, and as such they began offering web services. What they didn’t understand was functionality, valid mark-up, cross-browser compatibility, or SEO – all things which a more traditional web design company would take into account.

While this would be classed as a creative web design company, often their creative web design’s wouldn’t be successfully converted from a design into code, and having mis-alignments in a design (especially cross-browser) became commonplace. Without experienced developers on-hand, many of these problems became overlooked, and many substandard creatively designed websites are still around today, with more and more being sent live on the world wide web every day. For this reason, when looking to hire a creative web design company, you should always be sure to look into their operation, most reputable companies won’t mind you asking a few questions. In a creative web design company, the people building your site should be working as a team. The days of all-rounders are over, and when creativity is to be combined with functionality, it is essential to have a ‘designer’ as well as a ‘developer’ work on your project. A designer is generally artistically minded, and may have worked as a graphic designer in the print world at some capacity. Thei r goal is to create a visually appealing design for your approval. This will be a static image of what your website is going to look like, as it is much faster to edit a graphic than to edit a coded website. Most creative web design agencies work in a similar fashion, as this allows for the complete artistic talent of the designer to be used, and complete use of the imagination of not only the designer, but also the client.

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Not magic fix™ admin

Even though we are right place to get iowaska retreats, but you must know that we do not use any magic for every step on the healing process, that is why we give certain time to heal. Everything must be done well, ever perfectly, so that you really get significant result from it. To get detail information, you can access our site, but you must remember that this is not all about us and our help, but yours. That is why, ensuring that this is becoming your trusted way is important. All the good things are from our self and thought, so when knowing this is right choice, we are ready to help you.

We say that everyone can come to meet us, but this is not for people, who want to get magic fix. As above mentioned, we do not use any kind of magic, so if this is your goal, we are not for you.

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Fast charging battery™ admin

The cycle life of Li ion battery can be over 20000 times with safe and stable performance. If you take care of this rechargeable battery well, you certainly can use it for more than this time. Yes, that is right; the usage of the good is depending on how we use it every time. If common batteries need long time for recharging, this is very different because to get the more energy for the batteries to be used for your need, you can recharge it only about 10 minutes. How can it is fast to charge? By using high technology manufacturing and best design from our experts, we know that all people do not want to wait for long time, getting their need.

With this fast charging ability, the users also can save the energy or electricity as saving the cost and time to use this battery. So, can you see how glad using our product?

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Internet Design-Impact Beyond Measure™ admin

Like a ‘overwhelming’ yet enthralling Pablo Picasso painting, it is vital for internet sites to develop exciting as well as thought-provoking product to entice a viewers and, secure a strong follower base. Normally, abstract paintings require a fair bit of out-of-the-box reasoning when understanding the artists’ vision, assumed and also message. This is the type of allure that an internet site should maintain to make sure that it could come to be successful in time. By making certain that users are sufficiently stimulated on a continual basis firms will at some point obtain devoted customers. This is exactly what every firm wishes, though the method is to create a site that is not outfitted combined with challenging style aspects (which could influence usability) and also dull content that’ll birthed web designers to tears, but to establish an efficient balance.

Naturally, if a site does not include compound one can not expect a terrific response or dedicated following, now can you?

Baseding on research study, a site that has pertinent and informative content could assist to place a business as specialist because the interested and targeted customer. If a site could clearly as well as effectively reveal a possible customer that the firm is knowledgeable as well as up to day in their industry of experience, the customer becomes positive and trusting of the services provided. Consider that a website is multi-functional company that acts as an interaction tool, therefore it plays a central function in enhancing the influence as well as photo of a brand. Consider your web site a personal communication combined with both current and also prospective consumers. Due to this very notion, even the smallest ‘balls-up’ could threaten a business’s reputation. Yet, nonetheless clutching an internet site’s material could be layout elements have a dramatic, if not vital influence and also contribution to make.

There are a couple of popular facets of an internet site that is greatly influenced by website design. Bear in mind that website design’s influence on the success of a web site runs deep. These are yet a couple of substantial as well as fundamental elements that are wonderfully affected by web design.

Functionality is vital

When an individual punches a few keywords on a key-board, split second and also pertinent info and a no difficulty plan is expected. Circumstances coffee and fast-foods bears testament to exactly how today’s globe has actually evolved right into a fast-paced, ‘I want it now’ society. The Web is absolutely a result of this state of mind. Life has become easier, like baking a pie from a box. Many users have an attention deficit disorder, when it comes to locating the information that they want and needs. Due to this very factor, usability is a vital. As for making content very easy to discover, combined with excellent web page layout, a user should not have to question just what to do following. Navigation is there for a reason and also, makes thing easier as well as obtain fact to the individual ASAP!-which is exactly what you really want. The next step needs to consistently obvious. The easier it is for clients to discover just what they are looking for the likelier they’ll purchase or ask.

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Website Fundamentals – Material Management Unit™ admin

Internet sites give information. Whether you market product and services best content management system, or your website is instructional or industrial in nature, material is king. Couple of sites are absolutely static as well as fewer must be. Good style and routinely upgraded material are the secret to keeping your internet site pertinent, fresh, as well as valuable to users – and also the search engines. Paying a web designer whenever you need to upload new photos or text obtains costly. For constant updates, a Content Administration System (CMS) makes it easy to handle updates on your own, also on complicated dynamic websites. Put simply, web content is all the “stuff” on your site: text, pictures, charts, graphics, audio/visual aspects, downloadable forms or PDF records, interactive pages and applications that allow users to do or impact something. Simply put, web content is anything that shows up on the site, as well as all the elements that comprise it. Content administration is just how you manipulate that “things”: message alterations, schedule as well as occasion updates, new photos, types, also new web pages or tabs on the site. A CMS is a computer system app or software program that allows you to add, remove, or control the web content, generally without any special understanding of code, shows or website design magic. When creating a site, your designer will certainly wish to know ahead of time what web content the website will include. This is essential, due to the fact that content influences both the design – exactly how the site is composed visually – and also the structure of the code to make sure that every little thing functions smoothly. Ultimately, everything on the “front end” of an offered web site (the component the user sees) is the result of programs code on the “back end” that translates right into a given effect. This is just what scares most non-developers far from updating their very own websites: it’s literally a whole other language.

This is where a CMS comes in. The increasing variety of programming languages, an exponential increase in the large number of web sites on the Net, and the numerous functions now incorporated featuring various other technological devices (mobile phone, PDA’s, networks, etc.) make it progressively important to make sure that your content is both accurate and also properly integrated into the site framework. If you have an energetic calendar part, for example, that notes important days or event info but does not obtain appropriately coded to publish or download to outer tools, it kind of beats the function. Or, state you want to upgrade item information or function a brand-new product, yet the photos don’t pack correctly. A lot more to the factor: do you truly have the time or money to call your web developer whenever an adjustment needs to be made? Probably not. If you have actually an incorporated CMS, you don’t have to understand the code. In many cases, CMS input or modifying panels are created to look and operate similar to the acquainted programs you utilize everyday. Text is generally simple, using conventional keyboard keying, copy-paste functions as well as typical formatting influences entered straight right into the panel. Some use the acquainted switch or menu modern technology to upload images, graphics as well as other data. Basically, they’re developed in such a way that any person featuring common computer abilities can achieve fundamental internet modifying jobs, without recognizing html or various other coding languages.

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Portable and desktop vape™ admin

At top rated vaporizers on, you have to make a choice between a portable or a desktop vape to buy. Each of them have their own pros and cons, and you have to keep that in your mind. The portable vape one usually will have a smaller size of chamber ( the place where you would be able to put in your herbs. It also tend to has less power than the desktop one.

So, if you decide to use the portable one at your home, you will need to refill and recharge it more often than it should. If you like to vapor together with your friends for a quite long amount of time, then the desktop vape would be a much better choice for you. Another kind of benefit which you can get from desktop vape is the versatility when you want to refill that vape of yours.

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Niche Profit Full Control Review: Is It True or Fake?™ admin

Niche Profit Full Control Bonus is a brand new, out of the box product from the group that brought you Niche Profit Classroom. Being developed for over a year, NFPC contains a complete, turnkey answer for building a million dollar every year online business. The instructional class first demonstrates to understudies as to how to make their first deal on the web, then increase to $10,000 every month on the web. At that point, it demonstrates to them industry standards to scale from $10,000 every month to $100,000 every month or more. This is the place where the real teaching is done and then we jump into cutting edge Internet advertising themes, for example, testing and changes, upsell pipes, launching products, marketing strategies and even enrollment sites.

The software also provides a lot of Niche Profit Full Control bonus and many other offers. Intense programming instruments: Our product gives individuals the tools they will require to give out results quickly, regardless of the possibility that they don’t have any specialized experience at all. We incorporate statistical surveying apparatuses, very powerful landing page developer, online networking movement era programming, and more.

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Food is main need for dog™ admin

Caring of dog as pet, it means, you must take entire cares for it including food, cage, and the toys for him. That is right, the dog always likes to play, even though you are not with him, so that is why preparing toys is not less important. To survive, the need of dog is not different to human that is food. From taste of the wild dog food reviews, everybody knows what the most valuable to get from feeding their pet.

You might never see how the dog feeds his food, so that is why; you certainly do not know what it likes for each day feed. If after feeding, he tries to show you, how glad he is, this means, you are success looking for best food for him. Since first time feeding our product, your pet will give surprised expression, so you will know how valuable he is for you.

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Difference between tart cherry and purines™ admin

I do not know why some of you still do not know the correlation between tart cherry and purines. If purines are able to create the increasing of uric acid level, the tart cherry is not. This is very common to know because the research has been done to prove how this cherry is good for healing the gout. Unfortunately, some people do not know it, so I decide to inform them by writing this article. As mentioned in the previous article, the tart cherry is able to lessen the level or uric, so that is why, some gout’s sufferers begin taking this fruit as their natural healing choice.

After you know the difference between tart cherry and purines, you certainly know, which one is better to consume, so that you can control the uric level. Regular cherry consumption is useful for everybody with the gout, so have you ever tried it?

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Are you looking for a unique blender that works best and fast? The Vitamix 5200 costo review is a great product that has been designed for people willing to make a commitment to healthier living. It comes with a 7-year warranty and has a lot of advantages over the other blenders of the past.

The Vitamix 5200 Costo Blender has powerful motors that help one prepare healthy meals fast. The blender has higher versatility since you can use it to make a wide range of products such as soup, ice cream, smoothies, sherbets and salsas. It also bigger than ordinary blenders, hence, can accommodate more capacity. With this blender, you get to save more on vegetables since you throw away less pulp compared to standard blenders. However, Vitamix 5200 Costo Blender comes with only one jar. In addition, its not good for making very small amounts but is perfect for large amounts due to its size. Therefore, the Vitamix 5200 Costo Blender is more than just a blender and would definitely be a worthy addition to your kitchen.

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Online coupon™ admin

Do you think that online coupon is able to get at fashion stores only? Most people know that giving coupon is right way to get more and more customers for their business, so they begin using it. Unlike other business owners, we use special coupon with the code, so nobody can use this coupon besides you or other person how take it first. I mean, though someone knows this code zennioptical coupon, he or she is not able to use it because this is yours. Now, can you tell me how many coupons with different code that you can find at our store?

There is always way to get what you dream. With the appearance of creative ideas to give online coupon, you as person, who has this coupon can use it to buy one of eyeglasses collection form us. You are right if you think this coupon deal with price for each collection from us.

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How Elderberry grows at your home garden™ admin

When we are talking about Elderberry syrup, you might remember to plants that your loved one planted. Farming this plant might be not your choice because you do not know reason to do it, but when your loved husband does it, you certainly wait for the harvest time because you want to know how this is able to live at your home garden well. After knowing bulk of function of this fruit for health, you might know that you must begin to care of it because your husband does not have time for it.

If you aim to see the result during harvest, now you must know how this plant grows. Elderberry is a shrub that commonly grows for about 10 feet or more. When you find the taller one, it means, this plants get right light that it needs to grow. The full sun is able to make this shrub grows well.

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Do you know why more and more both men and women try building the muscle?™ admin

best protein powder dealing with the choice and usage of best protein powder, I am sure you all know how beneficial building muscle. With various and different products on the market, you might think to cancel your plan because finding right product is harder and complicated than you think ever. This might be right, but you have great chance finding the right one because at our store, we offer best quality only. It does not matter if you aim to consult first because we know that no all people confident enough to their ability for making final decision.

Do you know why more and more both men and women try building the muscle? Even though you are not an athlete, you certainly know how hurt get injury during running certain activity. The balance strength in musculature around the major joints will help your stability. This means, the risks of injury is able to decrease.

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Easy To Read The Detail™ admin

When you scan your computer using reimage repair computer, you will be shown the detail of the scanning result. you will know what is the problem of your computer and what you should do with your computer. you can also read the analysis that come from the reimage repair computer program that can tell you a lot about the performance of your computer. this is the best tool that you can use to check about the healthy of your computer.

The reimage repair computer can fix the problem that happen in your computer after you buy the license key from the company that make the reimage repair computer program. When you done purchasing the license key, your computer will be fixed by this program based on the details that you already read before. This program will make sure that they will repair your computer without harming another program that available in the computer.

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A New Journey

Kemas Antonius Kemas Antonius

Just a short notice to all visitors of this site. Since mid-September 2015 I am no longer working at Baidu in Indonesia and joining Jobplanet as Chief Product Officer and Acting Country Manager in Indonesia.

Jobplanet is a Korean online platform that provides job-seekers with crowd-sourced information about the welfare, culture, strengths, and weaknesses of potential employers, along with available job opportunities. Now, Jobplanet is further expanding to Indonesia and other countries in region.


Let’s work together in building better and transparent working environment and future. See you around!

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Different function of drone™ admin

To produce favorite drone, we always make new and more innovations and developments, so most people can find their best choice. If you have the farm, and then this is an asset for your business, so how can you control it, while you cannot come to your farm every time? Ideally, you must have worker to care of your asset, but if he is alone, how can he work well? No, you must not work with new worker because by using drone, you give the help for your work. If you ask one worker to control surround areas of your farm by using this drone, he should not spend more energy to work.

So, why must you choosing this flying robot? To protect your farm does not mean you must think hard because when using this, you can control the pests that always decrease the harvest and its yields time by time.

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Homeopathy and CBD™ admin

In this article, we will talk about the connection between Homeopathy and CBD. Yes, some of you maybe know this fact, that now CBD oil start to used to treat various kind of diseases, such as Parkinson’s and schizophrenia. First, we will talk how CBD is different from THC. In order to be able to understand that, we have to put our straw hat and become a farmer for the next 60 minutes. Hemp is basically a kind of cannabis plants where the male plants are allowed to fertilize the female plants.

When you separate both of them, the female can not pollinate and produce too much THC as the result. However, when the female plants can get pollinated, then she will produce less THC than before. So, that is very simple, right? if you want to get more THC in your marijuana, then you have to separate the males from females.

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Asm 6 evaluation™ admin

In this Incredible Selling Device Testimonial amazing selling machine we will look at the most vital inquiries people have regarding this system. The Remarkable Selling Machine is promoted as being the most effective Amazon FBA training course when it comes to making money on, but does it truly work? You will certainly uncover this by reviewing the adhering to testimonial. The Answer to the # 1 Question. The first question many individuals considering this Incredible Marketing Machine ask is “How can you contend against large brand names?”. The response is simple– Amazon completely degrees the having fun area. In shorts, taking on huge brands is not a concern anymore, because they do not have any kind of side over their competitors. Additionally, with the strategies and also strategies made use of by the developers of the Amazon Marketing Equipment, we’re discussing a completely even playing field. This means you could quickly private tag your personal brand and broaden as high as you desire with no competitors

On Amazon, a substantial amount of people do deny based upon brands, yet based upon the price and also key phrases. This is specifically just what you learn to focus on when following this impressive program. When it comes to normal stores, individuals are extremely brand name devoted, yet things are totally various on The fact is that individuals which buy from depend on this giant store, so they assume that if an item ranks on top of a group or a key phrase, it is an authentic and genuine product made by an excellent brand. With, you can come to be a very popular significant brand rather easily. The 3 Versions for Offering Physical Products. Many people who get into this chance are either associate marketing professionals or web marketing business owners, so most were never ever called for to manage physical items whatsoever. Nonetheless, learning how to earn income from marketing actual physical products is so much simpler compared to electronic advertising once you learn a couple of guideline. There are 3 big versions for offering these types of products:

1. Go down Delivery. With this approach, you can either make your clients get directly from your store or buy from your Amazon company. Whenever those customers acquire your products, you are generally obtaining their name, delivery address and also product order. In the drop delivery version, you send all this details to a provider which will ship a specific stock item directly to the customer. With this model, you do not have to hold any kind of supply; that’s one large benefit. This might sound excellent for individuals who despise the tension that features handling customers, and also for individuals who do not have have enough cash to maintain supply. Nonetheless, the only problem is that the margins are not that huge in this model as in the others. To begin with, there is a great deal of expense engageded in this shipping mode, due to the fact that you are selling other individuals’s items and you are likewise charged extra by the provider

2. Personal Label. The actually impressive point with this model for marketing bodily products is that you could produce big earnings. So as to get to this factor, you need to find a product available that the supplier agrees to place your very own trademark name on. With a personal label, you can develop a separate Amazon page for each product you possess.

3. Custom Manufacturing. Custom production suggests that you can make a couple of minor little adjustments to a specific existing product in order to make it suit the market a lot better. You can add a couple of useful bonus making the item a lot better. The technique to create money making use of custom-made production is to add worth to every item. You could just add a certain offer or a bonus offer that costs you nearly absolutely nothing, while hitting up the original cost by over 50 %. By adding something extra to a specific product, you could set yourself apart from your competitors. Even if this may be a little daunting due to the fact that you believe you may have to pay a little bit a lot more for your item, the end outcome is hugely in your support.

Fantastic Offering Equipment and Affiliate Advertising One of the most remarkable point is that this Fantastic Offering Device by Matt Clark has nothing to do with affiliate advertising. This means it does not matter whether you live in the United States or anywhere else in the world, considering that you will have the ability to completely profit from the perks offered by Amazon. By executing whatever you read in this Marketing Equipment review, you can earn approximately 70 % even more by offering bodily products. This is a very rare chance where you can use this fantastic money machine and also start taking control of your life!

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Things Which You Have To Consider Before You Decide To Buy The System For Your Class Or School™ admin

In this article, i will tell you everything which you have to know about the interactive whiteboard software, and what kind of things which you have to consider before you decide to buy the system for your class or school. Most of us surely want to know what is interactive whiteboard software , and some people even never heard about it before. So, how does this system can work? What kind of thing it can do? What will happen when something goes wrong and you have to stand in front of 30 impatient students?

Some studies even suggest that for you to be able to use your interactive whiteboard software in the most perfect manner, then it would be very important for you to know more about the technical aspect of interactive whiteboard software before you decide to use it. This kind of thing surely can lower the teacher interest and all of us know the reason.

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gold ira rules™ admin

Just like another kind of investments, of course there are things which called as gold ira rules. if you want to know more about the rules, then you can come to our official website. At our website, you would be able to find so many information about gold ira company, especially Regal asset. There is a very good reason why Regal could become very popular like now. For example, because they have a very clear “formula”. First, they can offer an efficient and fast service. Second, they never use any “pressure” sales technique, and last, they have a very great communication skill.

All of them may sound very simple, but those three aspects are the ones which made Regal to become very different than another gold ira companies out there. Yes, just like what i have said in my previous articles, Regal is everywhere, and they deserve to get all the love.

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The best place for you to retake your ‘A’-Levels – CCSS offers students the perfect opportunity for a fresh start.™ admin

Having to retake an exam, particularly one as important as the A-level, can be a daunting prospect.

It is with that in mind that the Cambridge Centre for Sixth-form Studies (CCSS) conducts its one- and two-year courses. There are also fast-track options for those who simply want to improve on a grade to reflect their true potential. In all three cases where to retake a levels, CCSS ensures only the most experienced certified teachers with a proven track record of extracting excellent results from their students.

With 35 years of experience, CCSS is an established sixth-form college with boarding facilities. It maintains high standards of instruction through small classes – an average of only six per class. CCSS staff imbue in their students not only knowledge for the A-levels, but also help help them acquire skills that will help them down the road at university and in employment.

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Get your brain injury lawyer to get your right if you severed brain injury by accident™ admin

If someone is looking for compensation for traumatic brain injury, hiring an experienced brain injury lawyer is essential. A qualified lawyer who is a specialist in traumatic brain injury law is an indispensable asset in getting compensation from those who caused the injury. A traumatic brain injury can affect anyone at any age; but men between 15 and 24 years are more vulnerable because of high-risk lifestyles. Children and people over 75 years are also more susceptible to brain injury.

Falls around the home are the leading cause of traumatic brain injury for infants, toddlers and parents. Violent shaking an infant or toddler is another significant cause. The main cause for adolescents and adults automobile and motorcycle accidents, but a traumatic brain injury that occurs during a crime of violence is also a major source.Before engaging a brain injury lawyer traumatic brain injury, be sure to ask what experience they have with traumatic brain injury law. Each jurisdiction may have its own special laws for traumatic brain injury. A traumatic brain injury lawyer is essential in receiving adequate compensation.

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Educated and knowledgeable person to repair electricity and its installation system™ admin

So, is there any relationship between sparky noosa and experienced electrician? In Noosa, you might be not hard to find any kind of electrician with different service and result of his work, but choosing experienced is better compared to other one. If there is no proper reason for working with one of our experienced, from this article, you will well-understand what is the different between educated and knowledgeable person and no. It does not matter whatever your reason for trying repairing the electrical by yourself only, if you are not educated, what will happen to your property?

No, I do not ask you for not learning new knowledge, but this is not time for learning because repairing electrical and its installation system is risky enough. Like when maintaining your personal car, you may not want to choose non-experienced person to help you, so when dealing with electrical service, you also must know how choosing right person.

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make sure you have a sensible and specific objective™ admin

when you want to sell things like Digital Product Blueprint review, then there are so many kind of things which you have to consider first. For example, you have to make sure you have a sensible and specific objective. In order to be able to realize it, you have to write a short articles in daily basis and then post them on your blog or social media account. For any kind of business which want to sell things in large amount, it would be better if you work together with third party for the security system.

You do not have to worry, because there are so many services out there which considered safe, i am sure you can find them without any trouble at all. if you have a product which not sold for a quite long time, you can put it into a package with another product and give some discounts.

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Promote Your Company Through Social Media Marketing™ admin

What better way to promote your business than through social media? Facebook, Twitter, Google…we’ve all heard of them because we all use these social media outlets and so do your prospective clients. Social media is an essential way that the modern man or woman communicates to his family, friends, coworkers and employers.

Social media marketing san diego gives you unlimited ways to reach these social media users, including through weblogs, music, podcasts, searches and so much more. To take it a step further we work alongside you to ensure that we can not only fully present your company’s mission and purpose to social media users, but that your company will be available and known to more customers than ever before. Uplift Marketing makes sure that your business is able to take full advantage of all that the web has to offer through becoming the optimal in social media marketing. Work alongside us today as we help your business thrive.

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Old house as murder house™ admin

Can you image what will happen when you and family members choose to live at old house? Like at american horror story episodes, you might think this is not good for you, moreover it this is sold with lower price, but if you like this house, you will not think about how full horror and mystery this home to stay. If you want to challenge yourself, now you must not choose to live in the old house because by watching this serial movie, the heart will beat faster. The scary scene in this movie is when you find or watch murder scene that is unwanted to happen in the real life.

I know everybody will die, but nobody wants to die pathetically. Hey, let you open your eyes because this is story on movie only. This will be more interesting to watch when the movie will end within minutes, where you can see the cause of murder.

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Choosing the right internet marketing method™ admin

If you are making a business either it is an online business or offline business, you will need a marketing method that can help you to get a lot of customers and get a lot of profit. There are many things that you can choose as the method of your marketing. You can choose one marketing method that you think will really help you to get a lot of profit from the new customers that come to your place.

The Sunshine Coast SEO Company is a company that can provide you an effective internet marketing method that you can try to apply it in your business. You can ask this company about the method that they use for your business promotion. You can also choose what kind of services that you can get from this company. Each services can help you to promote your business.

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Cara Menjernihkan Air Kolam Ikan Berwarna Hijau

Wahyu Wijanarko Indonesia Wahyu Wijanarko

Saya memiliki hobi memelihara ikan mas, gurame, dan nila di belakang rumah. Kolam ini berada di luar ruangan dan mendapatkan sinar matahari secara langsung. Nah, setelah beberapa hari ikan berdiam di kolam, air menjadi keruh dan berwarna hijau. Struktur kolam di rumah terdiri dari kolam besar di bawah seluas 30 meter persegi kedalaman 75 cm dan kolam kecil di atas seluar 7 meter persegi kedalaman 25 cm. Air dipompa ke kolam atas dengan pompa air Atman HA-20, dan luapan air di kolam atas kembali ke kolam bawah.


Setelah berkonsultasi di toko ikan hias di Yogyakarta, saya memperoleh pencerahan untuk menambah lampu ultraviolet submersible UV lamp-G2-i dengan daya 30 Watt yang ditanam di dalam pipa 3 inch. Air dilewatkan ke dalam pipa itu untuk mematikan ganggang yang menyebabkan air kolam yang berwarna hijau. Selain itu, kolam diberikan biang bakteri yang berfungsi untuk mengurai amonia agar tidak meracuni ikan.


Setelah 6 hari sirkulasi, air yang berwarna hijau keruh lama-lama menjadi lebih jernih, dan ganggang yang menyebabkan kolam berwarna hijau mengendap hitam di dasar kolam, yang bisa dibersihkan dengan penyedot dasar kolam atau saringan halus biasa. Untuk memaksimalkan kejernihan air, sebenarnya bisa ditambah filter dan skimmer untuk menyedot kotoran permukaan, namun hal itu belum saya lakukan.


Demikian cara saya menjernihkan air kolam dari warnah keruh menjadi jernih tanpa menggunakan filter dan tanpa mengganti air. Rekan-rekan yang memiliki pengalaman dengan cara lain untuk menjernihkan air kolam ikan terbuka yang berwarna hijau, mohon bantuannya untuk share di sini ya.

Motorcycle shorty exhaust give you performnce and efficiency for your bike™ admin

Norifumi is a company that specialized in producing motorcycle shorty exhaust system for two-wheeled vehicles. Was first marketed in 2005, Norifumi providing products for a variety of purposes ranging from daily, until the grass track racing. Until now Norifumi has issued a number series for various purposes, in each series, motorcycle shorty exhaust Norifumi deliver quality, performance and precision. Made from high quality stainless steel material, Norifumi can boost your vehicle’s performance to be better supported with an attractive design and modern and still excellent in all weather conditions, the use of motorcycle shorty exhaust Norifumi can add to the sporty look of your motorcycle.

Norifumi motorcycle Shorty exhaust Stainless Silencer Carbon is motorcycle shorty exhaust made of high quality steel with welded argon very neat. Coupled with carbon technologies on silencer, making it look very fierce exhaust and stylish. Trials have tested, used and tested its durability in some motorcycle brands such as Kawasaki, Honda and Yamaha exhaust is very well used for daily or racing. Shorty motorcycle exhaust from norifumi RV1 evo and shorty suitable for motor KLX and dtracker, chrome iron material layer, class voice Megaboom
Round and oval shapes, Rounded models rv1 shorty bass sound, Which oval models rv1evo have more great sound.

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Amazing Selling Machine will give you extra tools to built your own business™ admin

From Amazing Selling Machine Review we know that this program are accessible online. You can instantly access it via computer or your mobile device and with any web browser. Not only you can get accessible business training via your gadget but in Amazing Selling Machine Review you will also get access to special Amazing selling machine community, in this community you will find all business owners from around the worlds.

Now from the Amazing Selling Machine Review we know that the main objective of the program is to guide you to build a highly profitable business and that too by selling your own brand of physical products by leveraging the powerof Amazon. The Amazing Selling Machine Review actually makes sense. You will be dealing with real products, rather than some hocking software.

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Tips on Choosing the Right Conveyancer™ admin

Property transfer whether for the first or subsequent times is a process that requires care and competence on part of the parties involved and especially on the part of the conveyancer. To find the right and diligent conveyancer, here are the three most important factors you must consider:


Conveyancing is a legal process and the person given the responsibility to do it ought to be licensed and fully qualified to offer conveyancing services. They should be accredited and are known to adhere to regulations and standards.


Not all those accredited, qualified and licensed to offer conveyancing services are necessarily experts in the transfer process. It is always smart and recommended that you look at the number of years your preferred conveyancer has worked in the industry.


Choose a local conveyancer especially when you would like to have a personal discussion with them. At times, you need to track the process and be aware of the transactions in the transfer. At such times, working with a local solicitor would be wise and saves costs you are likely to incur.

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Lapak DVD Bajakan

Okto SiLaban Okto Silaban

Ini poster yang terpasang di lantai dasar, mall Ratu Plaza, daerah Senayan. Padahal rata-rata orang juga tahu di lantai atas bertebaran lapak DVD bajakan.

Gak cuma di Ratu Plaza saja sih. Di Ambassador, Poins Square Lebak Bulus, ITC Permata Hijau, dll juga banyak kok yang terang-terangan buka lapak DVD bajakan. Ini artinya, pengelola gedung jelas-jelas tahu dan mengijinkan penggunaan gedungnya untuk jual beli ilegal.

Kalau terang-terangan begitu, kenapa gak ditindak? Nah, saya juga heran. Mungkin potongan tulisan dari ini bisa sedikit memberikan petunjuk:

Direktur Tindak Pidana Ekonomi Khusus Bareskrim Bigjen Pol Bambang Waskito mengatakan selama ini laporan tentang pembajakan ini hanya berupa surat dan tidak dilengkapi dengan alat bukti.”Kalau permasalahan yang tau Satgas ini, namun selama ini sering kali laporan yang masuk tidak memiliki alat bukti sehingga kami susah untuk mengusut pembajakan itu,” kata dia.

Saya gak ngerti hukum sih. Mungkin toko yang jelas-jelas menjual DVD bajakan di dalam mall itu dalam hukum gak bisa dijadikan bukti. Mungkin.. -_-

Nah, baru-baru ini pemerintah sudah membentuk Badan Ekonomi Kreatif, dikepalai oleh Triawan Munaf (ayahnya Sherina Munaf). Badan ini akhirnya membentuk Satuan Tugas Penanganan Pengaduan Pembajakan Karya Musik dan Film (Satuan Tugas Anti Pembajakan). Mari kita lihat, paling enggak, tahun 2016 nanti apakah mencari DVD bajakan makin susah, atau masih sama mudahnya?

Calgary Hot Tubs™ admin

Calgary Hypnotherapy – The benefit of these kinds of calgary hot tubs is that they can be easily transported because of its portable feature. You can easily set up and plug in to the fixed electrical outlet. It does not need any electrical installation.The only negative which you can see in this model is that they generally do not contain their heater; therefore they depend on the friction generated through the pump to heat the water.

It can carry one day for the first time and the hot tub may not hold the temperature of the water at the preferred level if the climate condition becomes cold. Another model of hot tubs is available at 1500 to 3000 dollars. These kinds of hot tubs avail the original brand name. The model of worth 3000 dollars of hot tubs may end with amounting to 10,000 dollars or more based on the numbers of pumps, jets, workmanship quality and additional like TV, radios etc.

You may wonder by seeing with the original amount of elements required to make the hot tub and more to perform with the specific firm’s marketing plan and distribution. For the people who want to cut the amount of middlemen’s, can directly deal with the concerned manufacturer. The amount of savings on the same item can be huge. When you are planning to buy a hot tub online, look for the manufacturers experience in the market, customer reviews and goods tweaks which prevent continuous problems.

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How to choose watch for ladies™ admin

The casing part of a watch usually one of the things which can make a watch to looks different from each others. If you want to use your discounts coupons to buy ladies watch, you have to know what kind of casing shapes which you want from your watch. There are three kind of shapes which are very popular among the ladies, the heart shape which looks very cute and lovely, the round shape that can give a very soft looks, and also rectangular shape which usually used by active ladies.

Modern watches for ladies come in several kind of materials which you can choose from, such as ceramic, stainless steel , platinum , chrome, and also gold. The most common materials would be stainless steel, because this materials could be quite sturdy. if you want to get something more lovely, then you can get the ones with gold and silver plate.

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Kuota Internet dan Program Sarjana

Okto SiLaban Okto Silaban

[Ilustrasi: Quinn Dombrowski –]
Anto (nama samaran) sekarang kebetulan menggunakan ponsel yang bisa menggunakan 2 sim card. Seorang teman Anto, sebut saja namanya Luba Noto Gejayan, biasa disingkat Luba N.G, memiliki ponsel yang sama. Menurut Luba, sim card utama (untuk telpon dan SMS) mending dipisah saja dengan sim card khusus internetan. Jadinya bakal lebih murah katanya.

Tergiur cerita Luba, Anto mencoba mencari sim card prabayar lain khusus untuk paket internet. Mulailah Anto mencari informasinya di internet.

Selama ini Anto menggunakan kartu Halo Telkomsel (pascabayar). Informasi biaya paket internetannya cukup mudah dipahami. Bayar sekian, kuotanya maksimal sekian sebulan. Selesai. Tetapi tidak seperti itu di kartu prabayar. Anto baru tahu, ternyata untuk paket internet kartu prabayar, skemanya sangat rumit. Dan ini berlaku rata di semua operator (Telkomsel, XL, Indosat, Tri).

Begini contoh ilustrasinya:

  • Ada yang terlihat harganya lumayan, kuota (misal) 4,5 GB. Tapi ternyata 3GB nya untuk akses via ponsel, 1,5GB nya untuk akses via WiFi si operator, 2GB kuota hanya berlaku di jaringan 4G, sisanya di jaringan 3G/3.5G.
  • Ada yang harganya berbeda-beda di tiap lokasi. Dan sewaktu Anto membuka websitenya, lokasi Jakarta Selatan tidak ditemukan. Identifikasi menggunakan Geolocation di browser pun tidak berjalan, jadi Anto sama sekali tidak bisa cek harganya.
  • Ada yang berbeda berdasarkan waktu penggunaan. Kuota terlihat besar, tetapi ada pembagian waktu. Misal, total kuota 10GB. Jam 9-12 siang 2GB, jam 12 siang sampai jam 6 sore 1 GB, jam 6 sore sampai jam 12 malam 500 MB, sisanya jam 12 malam sampai jam 9 pagi, 6.5GB.
  • Dan ini yang paling pamungkas, ada yang gabungan dari 3 skema di atas. Luar biasa !

Skema ini makin diperumit dengan pilihan paket dengan nama berbeda-beda, dan masing-masing paket, beda-beda skema harga. Informasi ini pun susunan informasinya di website masing-masing bisa dibilang berantakan.

Memang ada saja orang yang dengan senang hati merangkum informasi ini dan menuliskannya di blog atau forum. Tapi ini tidak begitu membantu juga, karena skema paket dan harganya itu cepat sekali berubah. Informasi yang dirangkum di bulan Februari, sangat mungkin di bulan September sudah tidak berlaku.

Begitu Anto mencoba menyampaikan keluhannya ke para operator, jawaban mereka adalah “Ini hal yang bagus, Pak Anto. Justru dengan begitu banyaknya pilihan paket internet ini, pelanggan bisa bebas menentukan mana paket yang paling tepat bagi mereka.”

Anto merasa sedih. Dengan begitu banyaknya pilihan, bagaimana caranya dia bisa memilih mana paket internet yang paling pas untuknya. Akhirnya Anto berkonsultasi kembali dengan Luba.

Tips dari Luba singkat. Kuliah lagi saja. Program Studi S1 Ilmu Internetan, dengan gelar sarjana Sarjana Ilmu Internetan. Luba dulu mengambil kuliah ini. Ikut kelas malam, demi bisa mengerti dan menjadi ahli paket-paket internet dari operator telekomunikasi.

Awalnya Anto tidak percaya, sampai akhirnya Luba menunjukkan ijazah Sarja Ilmu Internet-nya. Ternyata Luba tidak bohong. Ijazahnya benar-benar ada. Nama Luba tertulis di situ, lengkap dengan gelarnya: Luba.NG, S.Ilit.

Modern Product Visualisation Era™ admin

In the modern Product Visualisation era, 3D design has become a new kind of standard, and it will not be that hard for you to be able to find a company or person who can offer a 3D design for you. The good news is, you do not have to pay more expensive for 3D design than what you have to pay for the 2D design. Now, if you still consider whether you have to use 3D design in your business or not, then i will tell you why you have to do that.

First, if you mostly use design for architecture, then you surely understand that traditional 2D floor plan would be quite hard to elevate, right? Yes, you may be able to get the general idea from a normal floor plan, but it would be quite hard for you to be able to visualize the end result that way.

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Marketing strategy choice™ admin

In today’s economic, you as the owner of an organization or company might know how hard dominating market because public has more and more options for their needs. By this fact, now there are some b2b marketing agencies that you can choose for your best choice. I know how people choose the modern marketing strategy that is called as online marketing, but in this strategy, you and your employees should know how this needs time to touch public. Now, it is easy and simple to compare with telesales (telemarketing), where our staffs will be closer and faster to reach people.

This marketing strategy might now the new one, but this is beneficial for almost all companies because when staff of our company calls people, they will tell what best your product is. However, it is not bad for taking this strategy; because we know how to make you are wanted by all people.

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Roofing Advice That Everyone Ought To Read™ admin

The roof is arguably the most vital element of a home’s structure and is therefore deserving of a serious amount of attention. Sadly, far too many homeowners fail to learn all they can about good roof repair and maintenance strategies. Continue perusing the article below, and you can gain a great deal of valuable information.

When installing a new boot on any pipes which leave your roof, make sure they fit as snug as a bug in a rug. If they’re even slightly loose, water can seep inside of them, causing you a headache you don’t need. Choose the right size to spare yourself from problems down the road.

Avoid putting off a roof repair for any length of time, even if it seems like a minor issue. Once a shingle or two have blown off, it’s much easier for the wind to get underneath the rest and blow them off too, one-by-one. Fixing your roof right away will minimize damage, saving you money.

When it rains, check your attic for leaks. Not every leak will make it down to your ceilings, so there is no harm in heading upstairs to check out what is going on. If you do this a few times per year, you can stave off massive repair bills for unnoticed problems.

When hiring a contractor, be sure they they are experts in their field. You might consider asking family and friends for personal recommendations. Hiring a contractor who is not properly licensed and experienced could cost you a lot.

Ask the roofing contractors you are considering what materials they use most frequently. If you want a tile roof, but they have never laid one before, then they aren’t the best choice for your project. Make sure to ask them this question before you tell them what material you plan to use to avoid duplicity.

Different states often have different requirements when it comes to roofing. You may need to have a permit or a bond if you want work to begin on your house. Get in touch with the building department in your area to ask them whether this applies to you or not.

Always read the fine print, and make sure that you fully understand everything before signing any contracts with a roofing contractor. An honest contractor will want you to fully understand the terms and conditions, while being happy to answer any questions for you. If the contractor does not do this, find yourself a new one.

Check your rubber boots on your roof for cracking or dryness. This is a very common problem that quickly leads to leaks around the roof. Fortunately, they are easy to fix and can be found at most local hardware stores. However, if you do not feel comfortable doing it yourself you should certainly call a contractor.

Without a sound roof system, no home can be considered complete. The problem remains, however, of not enough homeowners possessing a sufficient understanding of how to keep a home’s roof in the best shape possible. Fortunately, the article above can serve as a useful, ongoing resource for anyone interested in taking proper care of their roof.

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Pengalaman atau Review Menggunakan Intel Compute Stick

Wahyu Wijanarko Indonesia Wahyu Wijanarko

Karena kami memerlukan CPU yang dapat dibawa kemana-mana dengan praktis, maka kami melirik perangkat Intel Compute Stick untuk dapat menjalankan keperluan kami tersebut. Ketika paket tiba dan dibuka, maka yang ada di dalam box adalah Intel Compute Stick, kabel extender HDMI dan kabel power Micro USB 2 Ampere. Sebenarnya yang saya harapkan adalah perangkat ini dapat ditenagai langsung dari HDMI port (MHL), agar tidak terlalu berantakan. Saya mencoba iseng mencolokkan USB power ke TV LED Toshiba, ternyata tidak kuat menghidupkan perangkat ini. Kemungkinan karena daya yang dikeluarkan port USB TV kurang dari 2 Ampere.


Selebihnya, setelah disambungkan ke televisi lalu dinyalakan dan dioperasikan, rasanya dan performanya menurut saya mirip dengan menggunakan komputer netbook yang juga ditenagai Intel Atom yang ada di pasaran saat ini. Waktu start sampai bisa digunakan kurang lebih memerlukan waktu 32 detik.


Keunggulan dari perangkat ini ada pada kepraktisannya dibawa kemana-mana, tidak lebih dari itu. Namun sebenarnya kalau bukan karena untuk keperluan komputasi dengan output HDMI di layar monitor besar (baca = TV) dengan ruang yang terbatas (diselipkan di belakang TV yang menempel ke dinding dengan bracket), lebih murah dan praktis menggunakan netbook maupun menggunakan tablet Windows Mobile. Selain itu, harga Intel Compute Stick ini cenderung lebih mahal.

Jika keperluannya untuk komputasi yang lebih berat namun tetap kecil dan praktis, maka bisa juga menggunakan Intel NUC atau sejenisnya.

Potret Kondisi SDM Indonesia

Padepokan Budi Rahardjo » Teknologi Informasi Budi Rahardjo

Tulisan ini merupakan dugaan saya – kalau tidak dapat dikatakan pengamatan – mengenai kondisi sumber daya manusia (SDM) di sekitar saya. Saya coba tampilkan ini dalam bentuk gambar dahulu.

IMG_9373 kenyataan sdm

Lulusan sekolahan (perguruan tinggi) atau calon pekerja merasa bahwa kemampuannya sudah bagus. Alasannya adalah dia membandingkan dirinya dengan kawan-kawan di sekitarnya. Karena kebanyakan kawan-kawannya biasa-biasa saja, maka dia merasa sudah jago. Hebat. Bahkan ada yang menjadi juara di kelasnya. Dia tidak membandingkan dirinya dengan “kawan-kawan” (peer) di luar negeri, yang sesungguhnya merupakan saingan dia.

Kenyataannya, industri atau tempat mereka akan bekerja membutuhkan kemampuan pekerja di atas itu. Para pekerja yang baru lulus dan baru mulai bekerja kaget dengan kebutuhan yang ada. Sebagai contoh, sering saya menanyakan kepada calon pekerja yang akan menjadi programmer mengenai bahasa (atau framework, tools, library) yang mereka kuasai. Banyak yang hanya berkutat di PHP saja. Tidak banyak yang pernah membuat skrip dalam bahasa Perl / Python / Ruby / sh / (dan bahasa interpreter lainnya). Barulah mereka sadar bahwa mereka itu kuper (kurang pergaulan) ketika menjadi mahasiswa. Itulah sebabnya ketika menjadi mahasiswa, jangan hanya kuliah saja.

Lebih parah lagi, kebutuhan di tempat saya lebih tinggi dari kebutuhan rata-rata di industri. Jangan ditanya kenapa. he he he. Jadi ekspektasi saya selalu meleset. Ugh!

Judul tulisan ini mungkin terlalu bombastis. Seharusnya saya tidak menyamaratakan dan membuat klaim “Indonesia”. Mungkin apa yang saya sampaikan ini hanya berlaku di lingkungan saya.

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Tip dan Trik Penggunaan Acer Liquid M220

Blog Oom Yahya Oom Yahya


Setelah hampir sebulan saya menimang-nimang si mungil Acer Liquid M220, saya akan cerita kesan-kesan penggunaannya dan akan saya berikan juga beberapa tip dan trik yang semoga bermanfaat.

Yang pertama soal body-nya yang kecil dan ringan. Dengan layar 4 inch dan bobot hanya sekitar 119 gram, buat saya Acer Liquid M220 ini lebih cocok untuk dipakai menelpon (bicara) dibandingkan kegiatan lain seperti pesan teks atau menjalankan aplikasi tertentu. Dimensi tersebut membuatnya nyaman digenggam dan tidak capek saat dipake telpon lama.

Namun dengan layar yang hanya 4 inch, orang-orang yang berumur 40+ seperti saya ini relatif sudah mulai kesulitan dalam membaca teks yang nampak di layar. Di samping itu, ukuran keyboard menjadi relatif kecil dan sangat berpotensi salah ketik. Tapi jika dipakai oleh anak muda atau remaja, tentu tidak terlalu masalah.

Jadi nampaknya memang hape ini lebih cocok digunakan oleh anak muda atau remaja, apalagi dengan harga yang relatif sangat terjangkau, barangkali mereka tak perlu minta orang tua untuk membelikannya, cukup dengan menyisihkan uang saku selama beberapa waktu.

Lalu siapa lagi yang cocok menggunakan Acer Liquid M220 ini? Penggemar Acer tentu saja. Juga mungkin bagi mereka yang penasaran dengan Windows Phone dan ingin coba-coba dulu, mengingat sementara ini gadget berbasis Windows Phone termurah ya Acer Liquid M220 ini.

Nah, khususnya bagi mereka yang masih agak awam dengan Windows Phone, berikut ada beberapa tip dan trik untuk memaksimalkan penggunaan Windows Phone 8.1.

Mengganti Jumlah Tile Menjadi 3 Kolom

Meskipun kecil, namun Windows Phone yang digunakan oleh Acer Liquid M220 tetap mendukung tile 3 kolom, sedangkan defaultnya adalah 2 kolom. Buat yang ingin menjadikan tile-nya menjadi 3 kolom, caranya mudah saja, masuk ke Settings > Start+Theme, lalu aktifkan opsi Show more Tiles.

Dengan melakukan hal tersebut, akan muncul 1 kolom tile lagi di sebelah kanan namun masih berupa area kosong. Anda tinggal menambahkan tile baru ke kolom kosong tersebut.


Memberi Wallpaper

Untuk menambahkan wallpaper, masuklah kembali ke Settings > Start+Theme, lalu tap choose photo dan pilihlah gambar wallpaper yang diinginkan. Wallpaper tersebut akan dipasang di belakang tile, seolah tile menjadi tembus pandang.


Membuat Semua Tile Tembus Pandang

Agak disayangkan, tidak semua tile akan menjadi tembus pandang bila dipasangi wallpaper. Untunglah ada aplikasi yang membantu membuatkan tile yang transparan. Saya sudah pernah membahasnya di sini. Sejujurnya aplikasi inipun masih menyisakan celah karena masih ada tile yang belum bisa dibuat transparan. Mudah-mudahan di Windows 10 nanti masalah akan teratasi.


Membesarkan Font

Seperti yang saya bilang tadi, ukuran layar yang kecil agak menyusahkan bagi mereka yang matanya sudah kurang awas. Salah satu solusi yang bisa dicoba adalah membesarkan ukuran font, setidaknya untuk aplikasi pesan teks seperti SMS atau WA. Caranya: masuk ke Settings > Ease of access, lalu geser slider ukuran font ke kanan untuk membesarkan ukurannya.


Daftar Aplikasi Berjalan

Untuk melihat aplikasi apa saja yang sedang berjalan dan berpindah atau menutup aplikasi, Anda bisa menekan dan menahan tombol back. Daftar aplikasi yang sedang berjalan akan ditampilkan dalam bentuk thumbnail dan Anda bisa men-tap thumbnail suatu aplikasi untuk mengaktifkannya atau men-tap tanda silang di kanan atas untuk menutupnya. Menutup aplikasi juga bisa dilakukan dengan menggeser thumbnail-nya ke bawah.


Memeriksa Update

Untuk memeriksa update (firmware), masuklah ke Settings > Phone update dan tap tombol check for updates.


Mengganti Nama Bluetooth

Jika Anda sering melakukan transfer file atau kegiatan lain dengan Bluetooth, mungkin Anda akan merasa sedikit jengkel karena nama bluetooth Acer Liquid M220 Anda adalah Windows Phone, sama dengan seluruh perangkat Windows Phone yang lain.

Bagaimana cara menggantinya?

Mudah saja sebenarnya. Colokkan Acer Liquid M220 Anda ke PC, lalu buka dengan Windows Explorer atau File Explorer. Di File Explorer, Acer Liquid M220 akan ditampilkan sebagai portable device dengan nama Windows Phone. Klik kanan nama Windows Phone tersebut dan pilih Rename, kemudian gantilah namanya sesuai dengan keinginan.


Naaah, saya pikir itu dulu tip trik yang hendak saya bagikan. Nanti kalo ada lagi ya bakal saya tulis lagi atau silakan berkomentar, trik apa yang sebaiknya saya tulis.

Bandung! Saatnya Kamu Eksis di Tech in Asia Tour: Road to Jakarta!

Business Software in the Cloud 1

Bandung! Saatnya Kamu Eksis di Tech in Asia Tour: Road to Jakarta!

Halo Bandung,

Waktunya kamu untuk memperluas jaringan dan pengetahuan kamu seputar dunia startup! Disini kamu bisa belajar pitching serta mengetahui strategi apa yang perlu kamu siapkan untuk startup kamu di tahun 2016.

Bober Cafe Tropica 
Jl. Sumatera No. 5 Bandung, Jawa Barat 
Bandung, 40113
Kamis, 17 September 2015
18.30 - 21.30 WIB

1. Dondi Hananto (Kinara Indonesia)
2. Andrias Ekoyuono (IdeoSource)
3. Benny Liputra (East Ventures)

Acara ini bisa kamu ikuti secara GRATIS. Cukup daftarkan diri kamu di tautan berikut ini:

Sampai jumpa di Bandung!


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Darurat Asap: Donasi Untuk Riau dan Sekitarnya

Business Software in the Cloud 1

Darurat Asap: Donasi Untuk Riau dan Sekitarnya

Bismillah was shalatu was salamu ‘ala Rasulillah, wa ba’du,

Sebagaimana yang banyak diberitakan, kota Pekanbaru serta beberapa kabupaten di Riau, diselimuti asap yang kian tebal. Menjelang siang, daerah berjuluk Kota Bertuah ini masih gelap. Kepala BMKG Pekanbaru, Sugarin, mengatakan jarak pandang di Pekanbaru hanya 500 meter.

Sementara di Rengat, Indragiri Hulu, hanya 700 meter. “Jarak pandang paling buruk terjadi di Pelalawan, yang hanya 400 meter. Sedangkan Kota Dumai, jarak pandangnya terpantau hanya 700 meter,” Rabu (2/9/2015).

Dinas Kesehatan Riau menyebutkan hingga kini sebanyak 9.386 orang terjangkit penyakit akibat paparan asap. Kepala Dinas Kesehatan Riau, Andra Sjafril, Sabtu, 5 September 2015 menyatakan, pasien mengidap penyakit berbeda akibat asap, yakni Infeksi Saluran Pernapasan Atas (ISPA) sebanyak 7.312 orang, asma 296 orang, pneumonia 290 orang, iritasi mata 485 orang dan iritasi kulit 903 orang. Berdasarkan Indeks Standar Pencemaran Udara yang dikeluarkan Badan Lingkungan Hidup Riau, kualitas udara berada dalam kategori tidak sehat hingga berbahaya.

Berkenaan dengan perkembangan tersebut, yufid menggalang bantuan masker, logistik dan obatobatan untuk membantu saudara kita yang tengah dilanda bencana asap.

Bantu mereka bernapas… semoga upaya anda meringankan mereka, mendapat balasan terbaik dari Allah.
Dari Abu Hurairah radhiyallahu ‘anhu, Rasulullah shallallahu ‘alaihi wa sallam bersabda,

مَنْ نَفَّسَ عَنْ مُؤْمِنٍ كُرْبَةً مِنْ كُرَبِ الدُّنْيَا نَفَّسَ اللَّهُ عَنْهُ كُرْبَةً مِنْ كُرَبِ يَوْمِ الْقِيَامَةِ

“Barangsiapa meringankan satu kesusahan yang dialami seorang mukmin di dunia, Allah akan meringankan kesusahannya pada hari kiamat. (HR. Muslim no. 2699).


Target pertama, pengadaan 10.000 masker. Sisa donasi akan kami salurkan untuk logistik dan obat-obatan.
Donasi akan ditutup hari Selasa, 15 September 2015.

Salurkan bantuan anda melalui:

  • BNI Syariah 0381346932
  • Bank Syariah Mandiri 7086882366
  • Semua atas nama YAYASAN YUFID NETWORK

Jangan lupa kirim konfirmasi melalui WA atau SMS di No : 087-882-888-727

Format konfirmasi

DonasiMasker# Nama # Daerah Asal # Jumlah Donasi # Bank # Tanggal


Portal-Portal Berita di Indonesia

Okto SiLaban Okto Silaban

[Ilustrasi: GotCredit – jakerust|]
Tulisan ini tadinya adalah bagian dari tulisan tentang ulasan desain baru portal Saya pikir bagian ini cukup luas untuk dijadikan tulisan tersendiri, jadi saya potong dan pindah ke sini, tentunya dengan beberapa pembaharuan.

Sampai saat ini, klasemen liga portal berita di Indonesia masih diisi tim-tim lama. Memang posisinya berganti-ganti, namun Detikcom tetap nomor satu. Sisanya diisi oleh:

  • (yang belakangan melesat masuk ke top 3)
  • (juga milik Kompas, tapi kualitas beritanya menurut saya masih di bawah Kompas)
  • (grup KapanLagi, yang baru diakuisi grup MediaCorp dari Singapura)
  • (yang baru ditinggal oleh bosnya, Roy Simangunsong. Ia sekarang menjadi bos Twitter Indonesia)
  • (nah ini tergolong pendatang baru)
  • (mm.., ini bukan portal berita sih, portal infotainment kali ya lebih tepatnya). ini luar bisa. Dulu, dalam hitungan bulan, dia sudah berhasil melesat masuk dalam 40 situs paling top di Indonesia. Kemudian saya sempat lihat kayaknya mereka pernah masuk top 10 atau top 20 juga sih. Tapi hari ini saya lihat sudah keluar dari top 20. Mungkin dugaan saya dulu benar, trafik mereka kebanyakan disumbang dari digital-ads. Jadi ketika ad-placement nya sudah berkurang, ya trafiknya menurun juga. Dulu Vivanews gosipnya pernah melakukan strategi ini juga. Dalam seminggu posisinya di Alexa bisa melesat jauh. Gosip sih. (atau tepatnya KapanLagi Networks-nya), dulu sempat diduga bakal jadi akuisisi dengan nominal yang luar biasa. Hampir diakusisi oleh EMTEK (pemilik KMK -yang menaungi Tapi di tengah jalan berbelok, merapat ke MediaCorp. Akhirnya 52% sahamnya dilepas ke MediaCorp.

Nilai akuisisinya? Dari sumber yang cukup dekat dengan mereka, valuasi untuk 100% saham KapanLagi Network adalah US$ 87 juta. Ya.., naik lumayan lah dibanding akusisi Detikcom oleh CT Corps tahun 2010, US$ 60 juta. Kalau itungan bodo-bodoan, dengan inflasi 7% setahun, maka “harga” Detikcom kalau diakusisi tahun 2014 jadi sekitar US$ 78jt.

Grup KapanLagi ini sangat agresif. Untuk situs ala-ala BuzzFeed, mereka meluncurkan Feed.ID dan Menurut saya sih kedua situs ini mirip-mirip jenis kontennya, entah kenapa dibuat 2 jenis. Tapi mungkin kalau dilihat layoutnya, mungkin Feed.ID lebih fokus ke pengguna mobile.

Selain itu, KapanLagi juga meluncurkan Techno.ID, gak tahu persisnya kapan. Ini ala-ala gitu deh menurut saya.

Tidak kalah, juga melahirkan situs semacam Trenologi (err, kombinasi Trenologi & DailySocial kali ya), namanya Tapi walaupun sudah ada Nextren, mereka masih mengelola KompasTekno. Padahal demografi pengunjungnya mirip-mirip menurut saya. Ya, mungkin sekarang masih berasa mirip, nanti baru kelihatan bedanya. Kita lihat saja nanti.

Okezone? Sudah diulas di sini.

KMK (Kreatif Media Karya) -grup yang menaungi juga sedang aktif-aktifnya. Selain sibuk mengejar posisi Detikcom, KMK juga melahirkan (semacam YouTube, tapi mereka tidak mau disebut begitu), dan (semacam DetikHot atau KapanLagi). Tentunya selain investasi (akusisi?), dan

Oh iya, ada pemain yang masih cukup baru, namanya Beritagar.ID. Ini hasil gabungan dengan, atau lebih tepatnya MPI (Merah Putih Incubator – pemilik mengakuisisi, lalu menggabungkan dengan Beritagar.ID. MPI sendiri berada di bawah bendera GDP (Global Digital Prima) – Grup Djarum. Kaskus dan termasuk portofolio GDP.

Disclaimer: Saya pernah memiliki hubungan kerja dengan MPI.

Beritagar.ID ini menarik. Sepemahaman saya, berbeda dengan portal-portal berita lain yang punya jumlah awak jurnalis yang banyak, Beritagar.ID justru mengandalkan teknologi untuk pengumpulan beritanya. Ada 2 teknologi. Satu teknologi untuk mencari dan mengolah berita, satu teknologi lagi untuk menampilkan konten yang relevan. Walaupun mengandalkan teknologi, tetapi editor akhir artikel di Beritagar.ID tetap dilakukan oleh manusia.

Yang terbesar ?

Dari segitu banyak pemain media digital, saya rasa penguasa media digital Indonesia paling besar saat ini dipegang KapanLagi Networks. Portofolio grup ini terbentang dari KapanLagi, Merdeka, Fimela,, Otosia, Feed.ID, Vemale, Sooperboy,,, dll. Saya gak punya angkanya sih. Nebak-nebak doang ini.

Model Bisnis

Walaupun pemain di media digital Indonesia semakin ramai. Tetapi sepertinya model bisnisnya tidak jauh berubah.

Secara umum model bisnisnya masih di seputar ini:

  • Banner ads & contextual ads. Pada dasarnya kaya Google AdSense lah. Saya sih pake AdBlock Plus, jadi hampir gak pernah lagi menemui iklan seperti ini.
  • Advertorial / Sponsored Post
  • Native Advertising. Ini cukup baru, tapi pada dasarnya mirip-mirip advertorial sih. Bedanya kalau advertorial itu hard-selling, kalau native advertising soft selling, jadi bisa “menyatu” menjadi artikel biasa, dan seringkali pengunjung gak sadar kalau itu sebenarnya iklan.
  • Paywall. Maksudnya, buat baca artikel lengkapnya harus bayar. Dulu melakukan ini. Tapi sepertinya gak sukses, jadi gak jalan lagi. Orang Indonesia mah buat beli game iPhone aja rela nge-jailbreak (padahal sanggup beli iPhone), jadi boro-boro diminta bayar buat baca berita.

Di US model-model bisnis seperti di atas sudah semakin sulit. Tapi kalau di Indonesia mungkin masih lama sih sampai di tahap itu, jadi fokus nyari trafik aja dulu ya.

End Game

Saya yakin dari sekian banyak pemain grup-grup media digital ini, ada yang fokus “end game”-nya bukan untuk menjaga bisnisnya bertahan selama mungkin. Pasti ada yang fokusnya mengincar exit, baik itu exit diakuisisi, ataupun exit IPO.

Kalau exit diakusisi kan sudah tuh -entah memang dengan alasan sudah jadi tujuan awal atau sekadar adaptasi bisnis. Nah siapa nanti yang jadi bakal exit dengan IPO pertama kali ya?

Linux dan Kesejahteraan Karyawan

Okto SiLaban Okto Silaban

Salah satu potongan obrolan saya dengan beberapa teman.

“Dia jadi apply ke tempat lo?”

“Iya. Dia mah yang penting pindah dari kantornya sekarang.”

“Loh, kenapa?”

“Bayangin aja, semua komputer di sana pake Linux. Gak modal banget tuh perusahaan. Urusan kesejahteraan karyawannya pasti pait deh.”

“Apa hubungannya Linux sama kesejahteraan?”

“Ya.. artinya pelit perusahaannya. Dia kan perusahaan consumer goods. Sistem IT itu penting banget lah buat bisnisnya. Kalau untuk yang penting aja dia gak mau keluarin modal, apalagi buat kesejahteraan karyawan cuy. Walaupun gue ngerti Linux, tapi gue mah ogah kerja di perusahaan kaya gitu.”

Dan 3 orang lainnya mengiyakan argumen rekan saya itu.

Dulu saya sering berkutat di seputar komunitas Linux. Tapi saya baru tahu kalau ada persepsi seperti ini untuk perusahaan yang sepenuhnya memilih menggunakan GNU/Linux dan OpenSource ataupun Free Software. Apa ini umum ya di luar komunitas pengguna Linux?

Review Apple Watch, Smartwatch terbaik tahun 2015?

dhiku dhiku

IMG_0180 2

Sudah cukup lama saya mengikuti perkembangan wearable gadget, khususnya kategori jam mulai dari Apple iPod Nano Gen 5 (yang bisa jadi jam dengan aksesoris tambahan), Pebble Steel, Pebble Time, Android Wear, dan yang terakhir adalah Apple Watch. Ketika market smartwatch sudah diisi dengan banyak jenis Android Wear, Pebble, dan Sport Watch dengan berbagai keunggulannya, Apple menurut saya masuk ke market ini dengan memberikan inovasi baru, terutama dalam urusan navigasi menu dan content melalui fitur Digital Crown dan Force Touch. Kenapa penting? karena kita harus berinteraksi dengan layar smartwatch yang kecil. Samsung mencoba menyelesaikan masalah ini dengan membuat layar yang besar, kekurangannya ukuran jam jadi sangat besar dan mudah menempel bekas sidik jari karena disentuh terus. Pebble menggunakan metode konvensional berupa tombol fisik di sebelah kanan, solusi yang sederhana tapi smart, layar jadi tidak mudah kotor, pengguna juga leluasa melihat layar karena tidak ketutupan jari.

Apple Watch menggunakan digital crown untuk navigasi content, fungsinya mirip seperti scroll mouse, jadi ketika ada notifikasi email, pengguna cukup scroll dengan wheel untuk baca seluruh konten. Selain itu ada juga force touch, ketika layar disentuh lebih keras, Apple Watch akan menampilkan menu-menu lain untuk berinteraksi. Hal ini membuat navigasi juga lebih cepat, misalnya untuk ganti tampilan jam atau watchfaces, tidak perlu masuk ke menu tertentu, cukup tekan layar dengan lebih keras (dari sekedar tap biasa), maka pilihan watchface akan muncul. Salut banget dengan design decision yang dipilih Apple.

Memilih tipe Apple Watch yang cocok

Screen Shot 2015-09-06 at 10.30.01

Apple sudah mulai membuat tren dengan memberikan banyak pilihan untuk produk yang sama kepada konsumen, seperti iPhone dengan ukuran kecil (5s), sedang (6), dan besar (6+),  Tablet iPad dan iPad mini. Macbook juga mulai dari layar 11”, 12” sampai 15”. 

Tidak tanggung-tanggung Apple menawarkan ada 38 jenis Apple Watch! Yang penasaran detilnya, ini detilnya, 10 jenis Apple Watch Sports, 20 jenis Apple Watch Steel, dan 8 jenis Apple Watch Edition. Saran saya sederhana, pilih tipe dengan harga yang paling bersahabat yaitu Apple Watch Sports. Pilih warna yang cocok. Lalu terakhir pilih ukuran dengan diameter 38mm (small) dan 42mm (large) karena harganya juga berbeda.

Dua ukuran Apple Watch ini sifatnya unisex artinya bisa digunakan baik oleh laki-laki maupun perempuan. Jadi kalau bilang yang kecil cocoknya buat perempuan itu tidak tepat. Teman saya, laki-laki (ukuran tangannya lebih besar dari saya) lebih suka pake yg 38mm karena dia suka kalau jamnya terlihat kecil di tangan. Sedangkan saya, walaupun tangannya bisa dibilang kecil lebih pilih 42mm karena uda terbiasa pakai jam yang besar. Selain itu kelebihan ukuran 42mm layarnya lebih besar jadi teks yang dibaca juga lebih banyak. 

Desain Premium dan banyak aksesoris pendukung

Dibanding smartwatch lainnya, Apple Watch mempunyai desain yang menurut saya paling elegan dengan curve edge pada layar dan material yang premium. Strapnya juga sangat nyaman digunakan dan mudah dibongkar pasang. Yang saya suka dengan produk Apple adalah aksesorisnya yang beragam, Apple Watch ini juga memiliki banyak aksesoris seperti tempered glass untuk melindungi layar, case untuk memberikan tampilan yang berbeda sekaligus melindungi dari benturan, stand untuk charger, dan juga strap yang mudah dipasang. Beberapa contoh aksesoris bisa dilihat disini. Kalau tertarik membeli bisa juga cari di toko online

Screen Shot 2015-09-06 at 10.27.39 

Fitur Health dan Activity tracker

Activity tracker pada Apple Watch mempunyai kemampuan mendeteksi aktivitas normal, olahraga, dan berdiri. Apple Watch juga bisa memberikan reminder jika terlalu banyak duduk dan menyuruh untuk berdiri. Kita juga bisa mengatur goal yang ingin dicapai per hari dan seluruh informasi ini terekam dalam aplikasi Activity dan Health yang ada di iPhone. Kalau mau mengukur heart beat, Apple Watch juga bisa melakukannya dengan mudah dan cukup akurat, misalnya aktivitas normal saya bisa sekitar 70an BPM sedangkan ketika olahraga bisa 150 BPM. 

Fitur yang berguna lainnya buat yang suka olahraga, bisa mendengarkan musik dari Apple Watch tanpa harus repot membawa iPhone. Cara mendengarkannya harus dengan bluetooth headset tipe apapun yang sudah di pair ke Apple Watch. Dengan storage 6GB, Apple Watch maksimal bisa menyimpan 500 lagu. Cara sync-nya harus menggunakan aplikasi Apple Music, dan atur konfigurasi di aplikasi Watch di iPhone playlist mana yang mau di sync ke Apple Watch. Syaratnya supaya sync berjalan adalah, musiknya harus di download dulu di iPhone dan Apple Watch dalam kondisi di charge. 

IMG_0202  FullSizeRender

Melihat notifikasi dan menerima panggilan

Sebagai smartwatch, notifikasi dari iPhone ke Apple Watch bisa langsung dibaca dan dibalas, namun ini tidak berlaku untuk semua aplikasi, misalnya Aplikasi Gmail, notifikasinya hanya berupa summary email tapi tidak bisa dibaca detil. Level vibrasi untuk notifikasi juga sangat pas dan tidak mengganggu. Ketika ada panggilan kita bisa terima dari iPhone atau langsung dari Apple Watch. Sangat berguna ketika menerima panggilan di mobil tanpa terganggu. Speakernya cukup kencang dan kualitas mic-nya juga bagus. 

Battery life sangat cukup untuk 1 hari

Battery life Apple Watch memang tidak bisa dibandingkan dengan Pebble, penggunaan yang tidak terlalu aktif dalam satu hari biasa sekitar sisa 55% pas malam, jadi bisa digunakan 1 hari tanpa khawatir battery habis. Battery di iPhone juga tidak terlalu berpengaruh dimana saya masih bisa satu kali charge dalam satu hari dengan kondisi selalu tersambung dengan Apple Watch. Sebagai informasi tambahan, saya menggunakan iPhone 5s dengan 2 email yang tidak terlalu aktif, aplikasi social media seperti Facebook, Tweetbot, Linkedin yang aktif, dan tidak menggunakan chat apps sama sekali. 

Aplikasi yang beragam dan kehadiran Apple Watch OS 2

Menurut saya aplikasi di Apple Watch sudah lumayan cukup, seperti evernote untuk melihat catatan, shazam untuk mencari tau lagu yang sedang diputar, Twitter, Photo Gallery untuk lihat photo favorites, Camera untuk remote shutter dan aplikasi berita seperti Feedly, USA Today, CNN. Kenyataannya saya juga sangat jarang buka aplikasi ini di Apple Watch, alasan utamanya akses yang cukup lambat karena secara background aplikasi ini melakukan komunikasi dengan iPhone dan juga layarnya yang kecil. Tapi kabar baiknya Apple sudah mengumumkan Apple watch OS 2 dengan kelebihan aplikasi menjadi lebih responsif karena logic nya dipindahkan ke jam bukan di iPhone lagi. 

Photos Zoom In

Kumpulan-kumpulan foto yang ditandai favorites akan otomatis sync ke Apple Watch. Scroll digital crown untuk zoom in/out photo.

Photos Zoom Out

Kumpulan-kumpulan foto yang ditandai favorites akan otomatis sync ke Apple Watch. Scroll digital crown untuk zoom in/out photo.

Favorite Simple Watchface

Salah satu favorit watchface saya, menampilkan informasi battery, actvity tracker, dan jadwal meeting selanjutnya


Pas denger lagu yang menarik di radio, langsung buka shazam untuk mencari tau judul lagu yang sedang diputar

Remote shutter camera

Apple watch juga bisa menjadi remote shutter, viewfindernya responsif dan hasil fotonya bisa langsung dilihat di Apple Watch.


Membaca berita di feedly masih cukup nyaman, tapi tentunya lebih enak baca langsung dari iPhone


Sebagai fungsi jam tangan, layar Apple Watch tidak always on, jadi untuk melihat jam harus menggerakkan tangan dulu atau tap layar, Apple Watch cukup responsif mendetect gerakan. Tapi ada beberapa kejadian ketika saya mengangkat tangan, layar tidak menyala dan harus di tap manual atau agak digoyang supaya layarnya menyala. Hal ini cukup mengganggu dan mudah-mudahan ada perbaikan di OS selanjutnya.

Selain itu watch face yang disediakan cukup terbatas. Secara umum ada 5 jenis kategori, dimana masing2 bisa di customize dengan banyak variasi. Kita juga tidak bisa menggunakan photo yang ada di iPhone menjadi background Watch Faces. Saya berharap kedepannya Apple Watch bisa mendukung watch faces yang lebih beragam dari third party developers. 


Setelah mencoba Apple Watch sekitar satu bulan, produk ini layak dibeli, apalagi jika kamu fans berat produk Apple dan sudah punya budget untuk membeli jam tangan baru :) Tanpa melihat sisi compatibility dengan platform lain seperti Android, bisa dibilang Apple Watch menjadi favorit smartwatch saya di tahun ini. 

+ User experience navigasi yang mudah dengan Digital Crown dan Force Touch
+ Desain yang premium dan elegan
+ Banyak pilihan aksesoris tambahan
+ Health dan activity tracking yang lengkap
+ Suara cukup jernih ketika menerima telpon

- Fungsi sebagai jam tangan belum maksimal
- Pilihan watch face terbatas


Era Baru Membuat Slide Presentasi

Zaki Akhmad Zaki Akhmad

Selamat datang era baru dalam membuat slide presentasi!

Alat apakah yang Anda gunakan untuk membuat presentasi? Apakah MS Power Point? Atau Open Office? Memang tak ada yang salah dengan membuat presentasi dengan mode WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get).

Sebelum era reveal.js saya menggunakan latex beamer. Bahkan saya memiliki repositori permulaan untuk membantu saya dalam memulai membuat presentasi menggunakan latex beamer. Dengan menggunakan latex beamer, saya bisa membuat materi presentasi via penyunting teks.

Saat menghadiri kelas Melbourne Django beberapa hari lalu, saya mencoba mengikuti langkah-langkah untuk menampilkan materi presentasi sendiri.

Dan sekarang materi presentasi pun bisa dengan mudah didistribusikan berikut dengan kode-nya.

Oh ya, beberapa minggu lalu, saya mencoba membuat presentasi via IPython notebook (yang belakangan berevolusi menjadi Jupyter). Hasilnya rasanya hampir sama dengan materi presentasi melbdjango karena sama-sama menggunakan reveal.js

Review Acer Liquid M220

Blog Oom Yahya Oom Yahya

Sistem operasi Windows Phone tidaklah “meriah” seperti halnya Android atau iOS, pangsa pasarnya juga relatif kecil dibandingkan kedua sistem operasi tadi. Namun bagaimanapun Windows Phone tetap tidak bisa diremehkan, apalagi jelang kehadiran Windows 10 Mobile dalam beberapa pekan ke depan ini.

Salah satu raksasa produsen smartphone yang meyakini bahwa Windows Phone masih memiliki masa depan cerah dan berani mengembangkan smartphone berbasis Windows Phone adalah Acer. Acer telah memiliki pengalaman memproduksi smartphone berbasis Windows Phone, khususnya ketika masih versi 7 dan 7.5. Meskipun sempat diisukan akan menjual divisi smartphone berbasis Windows Phone, toh nyatanya Acer masih menelurkan produk baru berbasis Windows Phone. Dan kali ini produknya adalah Acer Liquid M220 yang diperkuat sistem operasi Windows 8.1.

Saya beruntung bisa menjajal Acer Liquid M220 tersebut dan di posting ini saya akan memberikan review singkat. Berhubung saya baru menjajalnya beberapa hari saja, mungkin akan ada beberapa hal yang terlewat. Jangan khawatir, seperti review saya pada produk-produk yang lain, umumnya akan ada tambahan-tambahan informasi atau tips dan trik yang akan saya posting setelah review ini.

Acer Liquid M220 adalah smartphone berukuran kecil, layarnya 4 inch, dan harganya sangat terjangkau, Rp 700.000,- an saja. Namun bila Anda melihat penampakan body-nya, smartphone ini seolah memiliki harga di atas 1 jutaan. Maklum desain body dan material yang digunakan cukup bagus, bagian belakang Acer Liquid M220 juga memiliki pola kotak-kotak yang unik.

Acer Liquid M220

Acer Liquid M220

Untuk keperluan memasukkan SIM Card, bagian belakang cover Liquid M220 relatif mudah dibuka tapi itu tidak berarti bagian belakang tersebut longgar karena bila ditutup ternyata tetap kencang. Seperti trend smartphone yang beredar saat ini, Acer Liquid M220 juga mendukung dual SIM Card dan keduanya bisa diaktifkan untuk paket data (tapi hanya satu yang aktif di suatu saat tertentu).

Uniknya, kedua tempat SIM card tidak berukuran sama karena yang pertama memiliki ukuran mini SIM sedangkan yang kedua micro SIM. Artinya bila Anda hendak memasang dua SIM card, Anda harus memutuskan sejak awal mana yang akan menjadi SIM pertama dan mana yang akan menjadi SIM kedua. Menukar posisi kedua SIM tersebut akan menimbulkan sedikit masalah karena perbedaan ukuran tadi.

Setelah SIM card dan baterai terpasang, kini saatnya menghidupkan smartphone ini. Tombol power dan volume semua terletak di sisi kanan. Kedua tombol ini relatif tidak menonjol keluar sehingga terkadang sulit diraba saat hendak dipencet, khususnya bila dioperasikan dengan satu tangan. Namun mungkin kelebihannya adalah relatif tidak mudah terpencet secara tidak sengaja, misalnya ketika disimpan di dalam tas dan bercampur dengan barang-barang lain.

Acer Liquid M220 memang menyenangkan dioperasikan dengan satu tangan berhubung ukuran layarnya yang hanya 4 inchi dan bobotnya yang hanya 119 gram. Hanya saja yang sedikit menjadi ganjalan adalah layar TFT-nya yang bila dilihat agak miring, warnanya menjadi berubah dan relatif tidak jelas. Selain itu sensitivitasnya juga sedikit kurang.

Secara default, tile Windows Phone yang memperkuat Acer Liquid M220 ini terdiri atas 2 kolom tile besar namun jangan khawatir karena Anda bisa mengubahnya menjadi 3 kolom tile besar. Dan sudah jelas, pasti bisa dibuat tembus pandang agar wallpaper di belakangnya menjadi terlihat.

Acer Liquid M220

Acer Liquid M220

Acer Liquid M220 diperkuat baterai berukuran 1300 mAh dan untuk smartphone berukuran layar 4 inchi, daya segitu sudah sangat mencukupi. Ketika saya pakai, pasokan daya baterai bisa tahan satu hari penuh bahkan lebih, dengan catatan untuk pemakaian normal ya, tidak “dipaksa” main game atau internetan terus menerus. Waktu yang dibutuhkan untuk ngecharge juga relatif singkat, 70-90 menit saja.

Speakernya meskipun tidak bisa dibilang istimewa tapi tidak mengecewakan. Suaranya cukup kencang dan relatif jernih.

Kameranya ada? Wah jelas ada. Depan belakang pula. Meskipun kamera belakang hanya memiliki resolusi 5 MP dan kamera depan 2 MP, namun untuk smartphone dengan harga kurang daripada 1 juta, hal tersebut sudah merupakan kemewahan. Bahkan kamera belakangnya sudah diperlengkapi dengan LED Flash pula. Hasilnya juga tidak mengecewakan loh. Ini ada contoh foto selfie saya yang diambil dengan kamera depan dan foto saat saya makan malam di warung tenda, saat pengambilan foto LED Flash aktif.

Acer Liquid M220

Sedikit catatan yang hendak saya beberkan, ketika Acer Liquid M220 ini saya pasangi kartu XL, smartphone ini menjadi sering hang dan bahkan dalam beberapa kesempatan menjadi sangat panas. Sangat mungkin penyebabnya adalah kartu SIM XL yang saya gunakan tersebut bisa dengan mudah dilepas dari bingkainya hingga menjadi micro bahkan nano SIM. Ketika saya ganti dengan kartu Indosat M3 yang secara fisik utuh, tidak bisa dilepas menjadi micro dan nano, masalah hilang.

Nah, saya tidak tahu apakah bila menggunakan kartu XL yang utuh, masalah hang dan panas tetap terjadi atau tidak. Barangkali mungkin ada yang memiliki pengalaman serupa? Mohon bercerita di bagian komentar.

Sekian review singkat Acer Liquid M220, saya janji nanti bakal ada post lagi tentang smartphone ini atau tentang Windows Phone.

Oppo Meluncurkan Produk Baru

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Hari Kamis 27 Agustus 2015 yang lalu saya diundang untuk menghadiri launching produk baru OPPO dalam rangkaian acara “Fashion, Young, and Innovative Experience Tour”. Meskipun diadakan di Semarang, tentu kesempatan ini tidak boleh saya lewatkan. Yogya-Semarang juga relatif mudah dijangkau, naik Joglosemar juga relatif tidak terlalu mahal.

Acara pertama adalah jamuan makan siang dan di sana saya bertemu dengan beberapa orang teman blogger Semarang. Setelah dijamu makan siang, ada sedikit penjelasan tentang produk terbaru OPPO dan setelah itu kami diajak ke galeri OPPO untuk melihat langsung produk tersebut. Cuma sayangnya gak ada bagi-bagi gadget, hehehe. #kode (ngacir)

Berhubung kesempatan untuk menjajal produk terbaru tersebut tidak terlalu leluasa, maka pada posting ini saya sarikan saja penjelasan tentang produk terbaru OPPO dari siaran pers mereka. Inilah dia.

Produk terbaru yang diluncurkan adalah OPPO Mirror 5 dan OPPO R7 Lite. Mirror 5 & R7 Lite menjadi unggulan OPPO untuk kategori Valuably Impressive Phone (VIP). Mirror 5 mulai dipasarkan semenjak diperkenalkan ke publik pada 19 Agustus 2015 dengan harga Rp. 2.999.000,- sedangkan R7 Lite akan tersedia pada bulan September 2015 dengan harga Rp. 3.999.000,-


Mirror 5

Mengadaptasi teknik UV embossing R1X, Mirror 5 membawa keunikan desain potongan berlian yang sama dengan pendahulunya untuk meninggalkan kesan mewah pada eksterior smartphone. Layar 5 inci yang disematkan pun bertujuan untuk memberikan rasa nyaman ketika menggenggam smartphone.

OPPO Mirror 5

Tidak hanya membawa desain yang cantik, Mirror 5 juga memiliki spesifikasi yang mumpuni. Dilengkapi dengan “otak” dari Qualcomm Snapdragon Quadcore  1,2 Ghz serta 2GB RAM dan 16GB ROM, Mirror 5 menawarkan performa yang cepat dan mulus ketika membuka aplikasi. Mirror 5 juga memberikan dukungan dengan MicroSD hingga 128GB untuk memperbesar ruang penyimpanannya.

Mirror 5 mengusung sistem operasi khas OPPO terbaru, yaitu ColorOS 2.1 berbasis Android 5.1 Lollipop untuk menjanjikan sistem operasi yang cepat, hemat, dan mudah digunakan. Seperti pendahulunya pada seri Mirror, Mirror 5 membawa fitur remote control yang sangat responsif. Dengan fitur ini, konsumen dapat mengatur berbagai macam peralatan elektronik hanya dalam gengaman sebuah perangkat smartphone. Fungsi remote control ini juga didukung dengan online update untuk menjamin kompatibilitas Mirror 5 dengan perangkat elektronik lainnya,

Untuk segi pengambilan gambar, Mirror 5 dipersenjatai oleh kamera utama sebesar 8MP dan kamera depan sebesar 5MP, serta diperkuat oleh sistem pemrosesan gambar khas OPPO, Pure Image 2.0+, yang mampu menghasilkan kualitas pengambilan gambar Ultra HD.

Tersedia dalam 2 warna, putih dan biru, Mirror 5 siap dipasarkan semenjak diperkenalkan resmi pada 19 Agustus 2015 dan dilepas dengan harga yang kompetitif sebesar Rp. 2.999.000.-


R7 Lite

Selain memperkenalkan Mirror 5, OPPO juga membawa lini terbaru dari keluarga R7, yaitu R7 Lite. Berbalutkan full metal unibody, R7 Lite memiliki kesan tangguh yang sama dengan pendahulunya. Seri terbaru ini juga mengusung keunggulan desain dengan layar lengkung 2.5D dan pengunaan materi metal lebih dari 92%.

OPPO R7 Lite

Sama seperti Mirror 5, R7 Lite membawa sistem operasi terbaru OPPO yaitu ColorOS 2.1 berbasis android Lollipop 5.1., serta spesifikasi yang mumpuni dengan prosesor 8 inti Qualcomm Snapdragon 615 untuk menjaga performa tinggi smartphone.

R7 lite juga dilengkapi dengan kamera utama 13MP dan kamera depan 8MP, sistem penyimpanan 2GB RAM dan 16GB ROM yang dapat diperluas hingga 128GB dengan menggunakan MicroSD, serta mendukung Jaringan 4G LTE 900/1800Mhz. Untuk menunjang kesehariannya, R7 lite dilengkapi baterai sebesar 2320 mAH.

R7 Lite akan dilepas di pasaran Indonesia dengan harga Rp. 3.999.000,- dan diperkirakan akan dipasarkan pada September 2015 nanti.


Nah, itu saja yang bisa saya ceritakan. Doakan saja mudah-mudahan kelak saya juga bisa mereviewnya di blog ini. (upss)

Layanan Smartfren 4G LTE Hadir di Yogyakarta

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Pengguna layanan mobile di Yogyakarta bakal makin dimanjakan dengan hadirnya layanan 4G LTE yang dihadirkan oleh Smartfren. Smartfren memiliki basis pelanggan yang cukup besar di Yogyakarta sejak saat masih bernama Fren dengan layanan CDMA-nya. Saya sendiri dulu juga termasuk pelanggannya sebelum berhenti karena hape CDMA saya sakit-sakitan dan akhirnya tewas. :(

Ketika mendapatkan undangan untuk menjajal layanan 4G LTE smartfren ini pada tanggal 26 Agustus lalu, tentu saja saya tidak menolak. Saya pikir ini kesempatan untuk menjajal kemampuan LTE yang ada di Zenfone 2 saya. Tapi ternyata hal tersebut tidak pernah kesampaian. Bukan, bukan karena saya tidak jadi hadir, melainkan karena saya tidak perlu membuka casing Zenfone 2 saya untuk memasukkan SIM Smartfren. Pasalnya, pihak Smartfren memberikan sebuah Andromax Q untuk menjajal kekuatan sinyal 4G LTE Smartfren tersebut. Betul, Anda tidak salah baca, diberi, bukan dipinjami, hehe. (evilsmirk)

Singkat kata, saya diajak menyusuri kota Yogyakarta untuk mencoba kekuatan sinyal Smartfren. Hasilnya cukup menakjubkan.

Di sepanjang perjalanan, teks LTE yang menghiasi bagian kanan atas hape Andromax Q tak pernah berubah menjadi 3G, meski tak selalu full. Artinya, sinyal 4G LTE Smartfren relatif sudah menjangkau banyak tempat di Yogyakarta. Bisa dibilang, area di dalam Ring Road Yogyakarta sudah 100% tercover.

Gambar berikut menunjukkan area yang sudah tercover layanan 4G LTE Smartfren.

4G LTE Smartfren

Maaf, posisi duduk saya tidak strategis, jadi ya gitu deh hasilnya. Namun setidaknya sudah bisa memberikan gambaran.

Ketika dites dengan aplikasi SpeedTest, kecepatan yang ditawarkan oleh Smartfren tidak mengecewakan. Selalu di atas 5 Mbps. Rekor saya adalah 27 Mbps sedangkan rekan seperjalanan saya saat itu ada yang mencapai 40an Mbps. Sedikit disayangkan, bila memasuki gedung, angka-angka itu langsung drop meskipun masih sangat memadai.

4G LTE Smartfren Speedtest

Selain SpeedTest, salah satu bukti lain yang menunjukkan bahwa kecepatan internet Smartfren benar-benar top adalah nonton YouTube tanpa baper …. Eh buffer. (lol)

Sedikit menyinggung soal Andromax Q, jujur sejujurnya, yang bisa diandalkan dari gadget tersebut hanyalah dukungannya terhadap LTE. Beberapa kali saya mengalami lag ketika menggunakan hape tersebut, layar sentuhnya kurang sensitif, hasil potretnya juga tidak istimewa. Yach, bagaimanapun, Smartfren memang lebih condong ke arah layanan operator. Namun ada sedikit bocoran nih, tak lama lagi Smartfren akan meluncurkan produk gadget yang lebih premium. Kita nantikan saja.