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123RF Verification on Credit Purchase

Orangescale.NET Thomas Arie

Disclaimer: This review is based on my personal experience. 123RF did not request me to write this article and I’m not endorsed or paid for making this review.


Today, I just decided to purchase some credits under my account at since I need to get some images from there. After creating an account, I simply made a purchase. It was a simple process. When I made the my purchase, I was connected to my office VPN. So, I was detected in Singapore while I was physically in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

I filled in all billing information. I have been making lots of transactions using my credit cards, and I had most of them succeeded.

When I hit the purchase button, I got a notification saying that a verification process was needed and it would be by calling my phone number. I waited for the next few minutes. But, I didn’t get any phone call (on my mobile number).

So, I decided to contact 123RF from its Live Chat feature. So, I provided the customer service staff with my invoice number and some basic information about my order and account. The customer service staff informed me to make verification process based on the instruction sent to my email. She also requested my mobile number again and I gave her my numbers.

I replied the email with the information about my full name, bank account information, and my home address. I provided all the information based on my credit card information. No credit card number of verification number provided during this process.

In the next few seconds, I got a phone call from 123RF. She introduced herself as Jessica from 123RF, and she was using Bahasa Indonesia. She asked me for some details about my order and the situation that I made an order  from Singapore (while my address is in Yogyakarta, Indonesia). Of course, I was more than happy to give the best answer. Then, she told me that she would be back to work on my order.

After few minutes, I got another call from her telling that the credit was already under my account. I checked directly by refreshing my browser, and the credit was there.

Overall, I had a good experience on my first credit order. I know that each companies — when it comes to payment or security — has its own standard of the payment or security. 123RF has its own verification process. Based on my experience just now, 123RF made the verification simple enough.

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Hello world!™ Angela Moore

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start writing!

On Tokopedia Electricity Credit

Orangescale.NET Thomas Arie

I tried to purchase electricity token credit from BCA internet banking service. But, it didn’t work. My transaction could not be processed. Lucky that Tokopedia — one of the  Indonesia marketplaces — is available for electricity token credit. The order process was simple. After having the order under my internet banking account, I made the payment. And, within seconds I had my order status to “Paid”. Great.

Wait… not so great. The thing was that the token credit was not available yet. It was because of the system policy that “An order made between 11PM until 1AM will be processed (automatically) after 1AM”. Meh.

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Bye Google’s Panoramio

Orangescale.NET Thomas Arie

Google will shutdown its Panoramio in November 2016. It’s a photo sharing application in which all photos can be accessed on Google Earth and Google Maps. But, its popularity is left behind since Google Photos and Google Maps are more favorable in a way how photos will be functioning as the primary contents or additional information.

Google Local Guides

I almost never look at Panoramio since I’m more on Google Maps. Google Maps already has deep integration with photo contents especially using its Google Local Guides. And, I have started contributing few months ago. Google Maps and Local Guides integration is just seamless and I have nothing but enjoyable experience.

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Mengajarkan Debugging?

Padepokan Budi Rahardjo » Teknologi Informasi Budi Rahardjo

Bagaimana ya cara mengajarkan “debugging” (mencari sumber masalah dalam koding, sistem)?

Seringkali kita memberikan tutorial atau tugas tentang satu hal (kode pemrograman misalnya). Kemudian siswa mengikuti tutorial tersebut. Ketika ada masalah, tidak jalan, maka siswa kesulitan mencari sumber masalahnya. Ketika melapor, yang dilaporkan juga tugas tidak jalan. Nah ini membingungkan karena ada banyak hal yang membuat sebuah kode / sistem tidak jalan.

Hal yang sama juga terjadi dalam pengembangan sebuah sistem. Ketika ada masalah maka kita harus mencari sumber masalahnya dan memperbaikinya. Debugging.

Kemampuan debugging ini ternyata tidak dimiliki oleh semua orang. Namun semestinya bisa diajarkan. Bagaimana ya cara mengajarkannya yang baik?

Salah satu ide adalah dengan membuat soal yang memiliki kesalahan, kemudian siswa diminta untuk mencari kesalahan tersebut dan memperbaikinya. Semakin sering melakukan hal ini (mencari kesalahan dan memperbaikinya), mudah-mudahan meningkatkan kemampuan untuk debuggingnya.

Hal lain juga yang perlu diajarkan adalah bagaimana membagi-bagi sistem. Divide and conqueror. Ini bisa jadi topik terpisah.

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Pixel — Phone by Google

Orangescale.NET Thomas Arie

Google Pixel phone is not yet officially revealed. But, there are already some leaked images and information.

Both devices — Pixel and Pixel XL — will have 32GB or 128GB of storage, 4GB of RAM, Qualcomm’s latest 821 processor, AMOLED screens, fingerprint scanners on the back, an eight-megapixel selfie camera and a 12-megapixel camera on the back with optical image stabilisation, according to the smartphone retailers listings which have since been removed.

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Marketplace by Facebook

Orangescale.NET Thomas Arie

Marketplace by Facebook: buying and selling with each other

To help people make more of these connections, today we’re introducing Marketplace, a convenient destination to discover, buy and sell items with people in your community. Marketplace makes it easy to find new things you’ll love, and find a new home for the things you’re ready to part with. We’ll continue to build new options and features to make this the best experience for people.

In this initial release, Marketplace will be available in the US, UK, Australia, and New Zealand on the Facebook app for iPhone and Android. And, it will be only available for users over 18 years old.


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Ketika Koding Menguasai

Padepokan Budi Rahardjo » Teknologi Informasi Budi Rahardjo

Semalam, pukul 1 malam (atau tepatnya pukul 1 pagi) saya terbangun. Teringat sebuah ide koding (pemrograman) LED yang saya buat beberapa waktu yang lalu. [Lihat tulisan saya tentang ini.] Saya ingin membuat sebuah kode lagi. Langsung saja saya tidak bisa tidur lagi.

Ada dua pilihan. Tetap memaksakan diri untuk tidur kembali (dengan risiko kehilangan ide dan juga tidur mungkin tidak nyenyak) atau bangun dan membuat kode, koding. Saya ambil pilihan yang terakhir. Langsung ambil laptop.

Sambil koding saya nyalakan TV. Eh, film yang sedang main adalah film horor. ha ha ha. Hmm … sudah malas saya mengubah channelnya untuk memilih film yang lain. Pikiran sedang fokus ke kode. Maka saya biarkan saja film horor itu tetap on. hiii. Koding berlanjut. Ternyata semangat koding mengalahkan seramnya film horor. Baru kali ini saya tahu. ha ha ha.

Setelah sekitar setengah jaman koding, beres. Ide terimplementasi. Untungnya tidak terlalu banyak masalah di kodenya. Saya upload kode ke akun sementara saya untuk kemudian besok saya upload ke github. Baru bisa tidur kembali. Nyenyak.

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We will die at the hands of our smartphones

Orangescale.NET Thomas Arie

It’s time to accept that we will die at the hands of our smartphones

Unlike what you might think, the way we will die by smartphone will not vary. At least not by much. Sure, there will be those who follow a smartphone game off of a cliff, or walk into traffic looking at a map, or lie down on the ground, close their eyes, and refuse to ever get up again because of Twitter. But the rest of us will die when our phones explode.

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G Suite

Orangescale.NET Thomas Arie

Google Apps for Work now has a new name. It’s G Suite.

G Suite is a set of intelligent apps — Gmail, Docs, Drive, Calendar, Hangouts, and more — designed to bring people together, with real-time collaboration built in from the start. And there’s a lot more on the way. Because we believe that when organizations break down silos, connect people and empower them to work together, we get the speed, agility and impact needed to compete in today’s market.

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Ngoprek IoT

Padepokan Budi Rahardjo » Teknologi Informasi Budi Rahardjo

Kata IoT – Internet of Things – sedang ngetop sekarang. Dimana-mana saya melihat kata ini sebagai bagian dari seminar, kompetisi, startup, dan seterusnya. Pokoknya seru saja. Nah, sayapun tidak mau ketinggalan.

Saya mencoba menggunakan Arduino UNO dan board buatan DycodeX untuk kode IoT ini. (Sebetulnya saya punya banyak board lainnya, tapi itu untuk cerita terpisah.) Selain board ini saya juga menggunakan LED board buatan ProcodeCG. Berikut ini adalah beberapa video yang saya buat untuk menunjukkan demo / contoh kode dengan board-board di atas.

Dalam dunia hardware, IoT, salah satu cara memulai atau mencoba adalah membuat demo “blinking LED”. Kalau di dunia software, ini adalah “Hello World” versi hardware. Biasanya sih blinking LED-nya hanya satu LED. Kali ini saya mencoba menggunakan beberapa LED biar lebih seru.

Video di bawah ini menunjukkan demo Knight Rider, yaitu LED yang bergerak dari kiri ke kanan dan sebaliknya. Nama ini diambil dari film seri Knight Rider (jaman dahulu dan versi barunya). Dalam film tersebut ada mobil cerdas yang bernama KITT. Kalau dia aktif, maka ada LED yang bergerak-gerak seperti ini.

Dalam video di bawah ini, saya membuat Knight Rider LED juga tetapi dengan menggunakan board Arduino UNO.

Video di bawah adalah demo untuk membuat LED seperti meter yang ada di radio (equalizer). Board yang digunakan adalah DycodeX ESpectro.

Oh ya, kode-kode untuk demo di atas dapat dilihat dan diunduh dari koleksi saya di yaitu di: Selamat ngoprek.

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Nokia 216

Orangescale.NET Thomas Arie

Microsoft will be releasing Nokia 216 and Nokia 216 Dual Sim. I thought Microsoft will stop making another Nokia phones. But, aside from the fact that smartphones are getting more popularity, there is still a huge market. I’m thinking of getting this new phone — when it’s available in Indonesia. Its “up to 24 days of standby time ” is just tempting. Of course, it’s might be less than that. But, I can accept 14 days of standby time. The overall specifications are not bad at all.

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Google’s AI Object Recognition Accuracy: 93%

Orangescale.NET Thomas Arie

How’s the accuracy of Google’s AI to identify objects in an image? According to the research report, it’s more than 93%. It’s 93.9% to be precise.

Today’s code release initializes the image encoder using the Inception V3 model, which achieves 93.9% accuracy on the ImageNet classification task. Initializing the image encoder with a better vision model gives the image captioning system a better ability to recognize different objects in the images, allowing it to generate more detailed and accurate descriptions. This gives an additional 2 points of improvement in the BLEU-4 metric over the system used in the captioning challenge.

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How-To: Calling Siri on Mac Using Custom Keyboard Shortcut or Dictation

Orangescale.NET Thomas Arie

What Siri can do

I tried using Siri on Mac after my upgrade to macOS Sierra, and it works as expected, even I’m still using some basic commands. It’s just like they way I talk to Siri on my iPhone and iPad. Asking Siri is simple, just hit the Siri button on the menu bar, and send your command.

But, can we call Siri from a keyboard shortcut or even dictation? Yes, we can.

By default, Siri can be called by holding Command and Space. Just press the Command and Space on your keyboard. But, we can override this setup by making our own keyboard shortcut. Go to System Preferences, choose Siri and there is an option to change they Keyboard Shortcut value.

Siri Preferences

You can choose one of the option or create a new shortcut by choosing “Customize”. Right now, I use Control and Space as my custom keyboard shortcut. But, what about calling Siri using dictation command? These are some simple steps:

screen-shot-2016-09-26-at-2-38-00-am screen-shot-2016-09-26-at-2-39-42-am screen-shot-2016-09-26-at-2-41-05-am screen-shot-2016-09-26-at-2-40-10-am screen-shot-2016-09-26-at-2-46-26-am
  1. Go to Dictation menu tab under Keyboard settings from your System Preferences. Turn the Dictation “On” and tick the “Use Enhanced Dictation” option.
  2. Go back to System Preference screen and choose Accessibility menu. From this screen, go to Dictation menu. Tick on “Enable the dictation keyword phrase:” and I type “Hey” (without quotes) because I want to use “Hey Siri!” as my dictation command. After this, hit the “Dictation Commands…” menu button on the same window.
  3. Tick on “Enable advanced command” option so that we can add a new command by clicking on the “plus” button. Here are my current option values:
    • When I say: Siri
    • While using: Any Application
    • Perform: Press Keyboard Shortcut…
  4. In the previous step, I choose Control and Space as my custom keyboard shortcut (to call Siri). So, I do the same here. Click “Done” to end this setup.

After the setup, I can now have Siri available both from keyboard shortcut or dictation. Look ma, hands free!

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Upgrading to macOS Sierra

Orangescale.NET Thomas Arie

I love keeping everything updated on my Mac, from the operating system, and also the applications. I just updated to macOS Sierra — the latest operating system by Apple. I upgraded from OS X El Capitan. This post is posted after the upgrade.

macOS Sierra


On my Mac, I installed all upgraded applications. Some applications already released the update to make them work with macOS Sierra. About my Mac, it’s 15″ MacBook Pro (Retina, Mid 2012) with 2.3 GHz Intel Core i7 processor and 8 GB 1600 MHz DDR3 of memory.

It’s highly recommended to backup everything. The simplest way is probably using Time Machine. But, I decided not to backup using Time Machine. I copied the important files to my external drive. It takes time, but having everything backed up is a good scenario.

Before hitting the download button, this was my setup:

  • Make sure that I have my Apple ID password.
  • Battery charger is plugged, and I have enough battery.
  • All applications are updated.
  • I have the important files backed up.

I have some applications like Coda, Office, Sequel Pro, Homebrew, Little Snitch and many more. I also running PHP 7.0.10 and MySQL 5.7.14 via Homebrew. I took the risk to do the upgrade. If there are problems on the applications, usually the developers will provide the upgrade soon. Otherwise, it’s a nightmare. But, decision had been made.

Let’s to the upgrade!

Go to macOS Sierra download page on App Store to download. It took a while depending on the internet speed. Lucky that I had a stable connection during my download process.

Once the download process completed, I simply follow the wizard.

macOS Sierra installation

I just follow the installation wizard. After the setup was completed, I just simply login to my Mac. Everything works. Anyway, Siri is available on Mac now. And, I enabled Siri for now.

Siri on macOS Sierra

Post Installation

After the installation, I checked the common applications I use on daily basis. Little Snitch is not compatible, but the update is available. Great. Coda is running well with its latest release.

For now, everything is working well. I haven’t got any issues with the installed applications. So, on my case, upgrading from OS X El Capitan to macOS Sierra runs without any problems. If you’re not yet sure whether you want to move to macOS Sierra or stay with the current version, waiting for few weeks ahead is advisable.

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Telegram’s Photo Editor 2.0, Masks, and GIF Creation Tool

Orangescale.NET Thomas Arie

Telegram just released some new features to work on the pictures that hopefully will make the communication (chat) become more fun and enjoyable. For those who love to edit photos, add additional texts, drawings, or even stickers, Telegram offers the functionalities directly in the app. I wish Telegram adds “Call” feature.

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Google Allo

Orangescale.NET Thomas Arie

I just had Google Allo — another messaging app by Google — installed on my Android phone. There are already some messaging installed and used on my daily basis. Well, basically, I only use Telegram (mostly) and WhatsApp. And now, Google Allo. I tried Google Assistant more inside Allo, and it works pretty well. I think the messaging feature will be something I will not be using.

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Indonesia Update 2016

Padepokan Budi Rahardjo » Teknologi Informasi Budi Rahardjo

Perjalanan saya ke Australia ini sebetulnya dalam rangka acara “Indonesia Update 2016” yang diselenggarakan oleh Australian National University (ANU) Indonesia Project. Topik dari acara tahun ini adalah Digital Indonesia. Itulah sebabnya saya diundang menjadi salah satu pembicara. Saya akan berbicara tentang “cyber security”.

Acaranya dilangsungkan di kampus ANU, di kota Canberra, selama dua hari. Presentasi saya adalah presentasi terakhir di hari terakhir. Pembicara yang lain keren-keren juga. [todo: link ke daftar pembicara / acara]

Peserta dari acara ini ternyata sangat banyak. Ruangan yang digunakan, sebuah teater, berukuran hampir 500 orang. Dan peserta yang datang banyak sekali. Hampir memenuhi ruangan. Berarti mendekati 500 orang.

Di hari pertama saya hanya mendengarkan. Bayu pembicara kedua mengidekan situasi politik di Indonesia seperti trilogi start wars. Dias (lupa di sesi berapa) juga menyinggung soal star wars. Akhirnya saya putuskan untuk menutup acara tema star wars; the return of the Jedi. ha ha ha.


the return of the (code) jedi


Foto para pembicara sesi terakhir. Potret sebelum bubar

Di kampus ini saya menginap di University House, semacam hotel / dorm untuk tamu-tamu dari universitas. Tempatnya sangat dekat dengan ruang acara. Jadi tidak perlu transportasi. Tinggal jalan 2 menit dari kamar ke tempat presentasi. Tempatnya asyik juga. [foto-foto menyusul]

Canberra ini ternyata masih dingin juga. Harusnya sih temperaturnya sudah naik tetapi masih dingin. Setelah acara selesai, hari Minggu di kampus ini kosong banget. Sepiii. [foto2 menyusul, lagi] Canberra, meskipun ibu kota, ternyata kecil dan sepi. hi hi hi.

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Malaysian man spent 18 days in Changi Airport lounges using 31 forged boarding passes

Orangescale.NET Thomas Arie

Malaysian man spent 18 days in Changi Airport lounges using 31 forged boarding passes.

He downloaded images of mobile boarding passes issued by two airlines – Cathay Pacific and Singapore Airlines – from the Internet, and used an image editing software on his laptop to alter them.

Raejali inserted his name, a false flight number and a false destination on the fake mobile boarding passes, before sending them to his phone. He forged 31 such passes and used them at nine lounges run by five operators.

My Equipment 1.0

ophay ophay

Sandalku… Entah berapa lama waktu dan jarak perjalanan yang ku tempuh denganmu. Engkau begitu setia menemaniku, dan selalu bersamaku punguti pecahan impian-impian yang ada di depan. Sandal diatas merupakan equipment favorit saya, meski terlihat usang.. mereka tetap nyaman ketika dipakai.Filed under: /etc

Find and Remove Duplicate Photos on Flickr

Orangescale.NET Thomas Arie

I’m organising my Flickr photos and want to find the easy way to remove duplicate photos that are already in or outside albums. Flickr does not offer the simple tool to work on this task. After searching for a while, there is Flickr Dup Finder 2. It’s a simple tool to search for duplicates and remove them. It’s utilising Flickr’s API and it works really good. At least for now, I already found more than 1,600 duplicate photos.

Catatan dari Indonesia Go Online, Makassar

iWin Notes irwin

Acara Indonesia Go Online, di Hotel Clarion, Makassar tgl 14 September 2016. Merupakan acara sosialisasi sekaligus registrasi dan aktivasi bagi penerima program Satujuta Domain, Kemkominfo.  Dihadiri sekitar 100-an UKM yang berminat mengikuti program 1juta domain.

Sejutaweb, sebagai penyedia Hosting yang ditunjuk untuk melayani peserta ikut memberikan materi pengenalan dan pengelolaan Situs Belanja Online bagi para UKM yang terdaftar.

Dari acara ini saya mencatat beberapa hal seperti:

  • Perlunya pelatihan yang lebih lanjut bagi para UKM pengikut program agar dapat memaksimalkan pengalaman berjualan online.  Pelatihan ini sebaiknya fokus pada pengelolaan toko seperti bagaimana menampilkan produk dengan baik, melayani pelanggan, menjaga kualitas, logistik, dan pelatihan teknis yang terkait dengan penggunaan aplikasi pada situs toko online
  • Perlunya dibuat Panduan-panduan baik berbentuk dokumen (teks, foto), maupun dalam bentuk Video agar UKM dapat melakukan pembelajaran mandiri.
  • Pemerintah Daerah melalui dinas terkait; diharapkan dapat membantu meningkatkan kepercayaan masyarakat pada UKM-UKM yang telah memiliki toko online, salah satu jalan adalah sertifikasi resmi jika UKM terkait terdaftar resmi pada Pemerintah Daerah.

Terkait program Satu Juta Domain, masih banyak yang perlu dilakukan agar program ini bisa berjalan lebih baik dan bermanfaat bagi pengembangan ekonomi berbasis digital.   Harapan saya beberapa catatan sejak program ini dijalankan bisa dijadikan masukan untuk lanjutan program ke depan, mengingat program ini direncanakan untuk tiga tahun.


Inbox by Gmail: Moving Spam email to Inbox

Orangescale.NET Thomas Arie

I’ve been using Inbox by Gmail as my default web-based email to manage emails powered by Gmail. The “Snooze” and “Pin” are just helpful to keep me organised with my emails. Everything works, but there is a small things that — in my opinion — little bit inconvinient: dealing with Spam.


Gmail’s spam filter is great. But, sometime, I found that Google makes mistakes on the spam identification. Of course, it should be easy to bring back emails marked as spam to the inbox. Well, not while using Inbox by Gmail.

Viewing an email under the Spam folder will give the same experience. How to move email to inbox?

There is a menu to “Move to…”, but I could not see “Inbox” as one of the folder. The solution? Simple: Pin it.

Pinned email will go back to the inbox. It’s much simpler with the classic Gmail.


Moving to Google Apps for Work

Orangescale.NET Thomas Arie

It’s been two for around two months since my small office moved the email service to Google Apps for Work. So far, it’s been a great experience and I think it was the right decision to make.

Google Apps for Work

Why Moving?

Before moving to Google Apps for Work, we manage the email servers on our own. Meaning, we needed to do the setup, maintenance, including backup. There are less than twenty email accounts to manage under two main domains. The email was hosted on a cloud-based server — we used DigitalOcean. Everything was running almost without any issues.

We depend on emails on day-to-day operation. At the same time, we need to have (almost) zero maintenance and increase our productivity. Our small team needs to share lots of things like documents, spreadsheets, and agendas. The thing is that we need to use our personal Google account to share documents. The other things is on the storage. I have more than 6 GB of email (for work). So, moving to Google Apps for Work is an anticipation. Here are some main reasons on the migration:

  1. Zero maintenance. By outsourcing the email service to Google, we at least only need to keep the domain active.
  2. Integration with other Google services like Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Calendar, and more. The integration also includes the seamless collaboratoin between coworkers.
  3. Flexible storage. By default, I have 30 GB of storage for my Gmail, Google Drive, and photos. If later I need to upgrade, the price is pretty reasonable. 100 GB for IDR 27,000 (per account) is a good deal.
  4. Simple setup and management. Setting up each service provided by Google Apps for Work is very easy.

Migration Process

The migration process was pretty easy. Since there were only around 12 email accounts, so moving them individually did not take too much time. My coworkers moved all the email account by themselves. The only challenge is not to have the downtime. There is a simple guide to work on this area. During the registration process, I only need to use a primary domain — and setup the secondary domain as domain alias later on.

For the cost efficiency, I worked on the settings on email routing. For example, if there is an email address that was only accessed by specific people in the organisation, I created some routing rules. By this, I can minimise the number of accounts.

After all emails (including attachments) had been migrated to Google Apps, we kept the “old” servers online for few days just to make sure that no data left behind. I was not sure how long the whole processes was completed, but it was around one week.

Judul / Topik Thesis / Penelitian

Padepokan Budi Rahardjo » Teknologi Informasi Budi Rahardjo

Minggu ini mulai banyak mahasiswa berdatangan untuk mencari topik penelitian & thesis S2 mereka. Berikut ini adalah beberapa topik yang saya tawarkan. Deskripsi dari masing-masing topik mungkin belum terlalu rinci, tetapi mudah-mudahan penjelasan ini masih dapat memberikan bayangan. Topik besarnya adalah security & big data.

  1. Anonimity + eVoting + Visual Cryptography ID. Topik ini melanjutkan disertasi dari I Made Ardhana (softcopy disertasi sedang saya telusuri dan akan diupload di web site). Fokus kepada implementasi ide-ide yang ada di dalam disertasi tersebut. Ada beberapa design decissions yang harus diambil dalam implementasinya beserta pembaharuan teorinya. Titik beratnya kepada programming. (Ada beberapa snippet code yang sudah saya buat sebagai proof of concept.) [Sudah ada rencana 1 mahasiswa yang memilih ini. Masih dapat ditambah khususnya untuk sisi attack-nya.] Untuk aspek teorinya, pengukuran tingkat anonimitas, juga sedang mencari mahasiswa. Namun yang ini lebih banyak aspek matematisnya. Jika menyukai matematika (atau memang mahasiswa matematika), bisa memikirkan topik ini.
  2. Stegokripto. Meneruskan thesis dari Almaarif (lihat bagian students). Pencarian kode yang berbeda antara data dan noise. (Coding theory. Mencari kode yang orthogonal terhadap noise. Ide on-curve dan off-curve pada Elliptic Curve juga dapat dipakai.) Pada thesis terdahulu proses pembedaan kode dan noise dilakukan dengan menggunakan marker tertentu. (Proses pendeteksian dapat dilakukan dengan sliding window, atau bahkan matriks. Belum dilihat aspek kinerjanya.) Kode terdahulu juga dapat lebih disempurnakan sehingga aplikasi menjadi lebih integrated. (Sebelumnya pecah-pecah menjadi beberap aplikasi.)
  3. Mekanisme pengamanan program chat (Signals / dahulu TextSecure, WA, dll.) dengan menggunakan Curve 25519. Thesis memahami protokol yang digunakan dan melakukan re-implementasi di program Open Whisper Systems. (Ini juga dapat menjadi topik thesis di Matematika.)
  4. Cryptocurrency. Block chain. Ini adalah konsep di belakang Bitcoin. Memahami dan membuat protototipe sebuah digital money. Mengembangkan teori uang digital.
  5. Secure phone. Beberapa komponen dari konsep secure phone, yaitu authentication module (menggunakan SAM). [Sudah ada 1 mahasiswa yang mengerjakan ini.] Ini bagian besar dari disertasi Virtual Trusted Machine (mahasiswa S3: Raidun). Beberapa kemungkinan implementasi dari ide secure phone dengan menggunakan DSP board.
  6. Proteksi DNS terhadap DoS attack. [Sudah ada 1 mahasiswa yang mengambil ini.] Fokus kepada teknis. (Sementara untuk aspek teori adanya di level S3.)
  7. Automated software security testing. Exploring several framework. [Sudah ada 1 mahasiswa yang memilih menggunakan Sully]
  8. Beberapa sub-topik dari disertasi mahasiswa saya. (Mahasiswa S3 akan memberikan beberap sub-topik dari penelitian [kesulitan] mereka saat ini yang dapat menjadi topik thesis.) Topik terkait dengan Graph-based Social Network Analysis (SNA), graph compression, big-data in SNA,  Distributed IDS (ant-colony), eLearning berbasis Jigsaw, …

Sementara ini daftarnya adalah seperti itu. Akan saya tambahkan dengan link-link lain agar lebih jelas lagi dalam update berikutnya.

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Menghitung Emisi Karbon dalam Transportasi Menggunakan Pesawat Terbang

Wahyu Wijanarko Indonesia Wahyu Wijanarko

Cetak e-Ticket Garuda Indonesia

Dalam perjalanan dari Surabaya ke Jayapura 30/8 kemarin, saya mengisi waktu dengan membaca teks yang ada di dalam tiket yang saya pegang. Selain harga tiket, di situ tercatat jumlah perkiraan emisi karbon menggunakan pesawat Garuda Indonesia GA-630 Bombardier CRJ-1000 per orang dalam perjalanan ini yaitu 256,69 kg per orang.

Berikut ini adalah simulasi yang saya gunakan dari website ICAO.

Emisi karbon pesawat terbang

Perjalanan menggunakan kendaraan dengan combustion engine (baca: mesin dengan bahan bakar hidrokarbon) adalah perjalanan yang menghamburkan emisi karbon. Katakanlah kita menanam pohon yang cukup besar untuk menampung karbondioksida yang kita buang ke alam dengan kapasitas serap 100 kg per tahun, maka dalam sekali perjalanan, saya harus menanam setidaknya 2-3 pohon agar siklus karbon di alam menjadi impas. Jika dalam 1 tahun saya melakukan perjalanan yang sama sebanyak 12 kali, bisa dipastikan saya wajib memiliki lahan yang cukup luas hanya untuk menampung pohon-pohon yang harus saya tanam.

Saya pernah punya pemikiran yaitu bagaimana jika ijin kepemilikan kendaraan bermotor, selain wajib memiliki garasi untuk tempat parkir, maka wajib juga untuk menanam pohon sesuai dengan emisi karbon yang akan dibuang oleh kendaraan tersebut. Jadi, jika tidak punya pohon untuk membantu menormalkan siklus karbon di alam, maka ijin kepemilikan kendaran bermotor tidak diberikan.